Worship Training Day Facebook Live Videos

By admin | November 11, 2019

We had a fantastic training day in Maidstone and shared live footage from the day on Facebook Live videos. We’ve collected them all here (give them time to load) so you can watch. These were filmed using mobile phones from our host church volunteers so are not professionally edited of course. The sound is straight […]

Listening skills for worship musicians

By Marie@Musicademy | July 31, 2019

Some time back I was in a church listening to the band play. They were doing all the right things but something about their sound did not facilitate the congregations’ worship as well as it might. The playing was ok and reasonably in time, the volume was appropriate, the pacing was fine, even the tuning […]

Musicademy Scratch Gospel Choir: One Voice

By Marie@Musicademy | May 5, 2019

When we run worship training days we always include a Gospel Choir Workshop. Our most recent, led by Nicki Rogers was something very special. Musicademy Scratch Gospel Choir: One Voice With singers drawn from churches from across London, the home counties and elsewhere, Nicki taught the song and all the harmonies in a little over […]

Contemporary vs traditional singing techniques [Video]

By Cat Mayne | September 17, 2018

Church worship bands often have a mix of people: young and old, classically trained, contemporary trained, or those with no training and simply reflecting the cultural norms they grew up with. Blending those styles can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, particularly with vocalists where most worship bands wanting to play contemporary songs will […]

Coaching classical singers to sing in a contemporary style

By Chris Steynor |

A singer in your congregation has a passion for worship, and has approached you about joining your music team. You have a heart to use people’s gifts, and this person is clearly well-trained musically, has a genuine faith, and is keen to serve. But it soon becomes clear that their singing style is very ‘classical’ […]

Worship training day livestream videos

By admin | November 7, 2016

We were able to record a number of the masterclasses at our recent worship training day in Peterborough. These were doing using Facebook Live so are a single camera and on-board audio feed. Worship Team Essentials Part 1 If you like the concepts covered in Worship Team Essentials we would definitely recommend our Band Skills […]

5 tips to help worship leaders become better singers

By Guest Blogger | June 29, 2016

 1.  In your practice: PLAY with your voice. Every sound that you possibly CAN make (no matter how ‘awful’ you THINK it sounds) can be used and incorporated as a colour into your singing palette when good technique is applied. Remember that the purpose of Worship is to connect with God and use the supernatural […]