Listening skills for worship musicians

By [email protected] | July 31, 2019

Some time back I was in a church listening to the band play. They were doing all the right things but something about their sound did not facilitate the congregations’ worship as well as it might. The playing was ok and reasonably in time, the volume was appropriate, the pacing was fine, even the tuning […]

Introducing the new “Plus” series for Acoustic Guitar and Bass

By admin | June 8, 2017

Three brand new courses for Guitar and Bass Our new Beginner and Intermediate ‘Plus’ courses are designed for guitar and bass players who are beyond the Beginner level but not quite ready for our Intermediate courses or beyond Intermediate but not yet ready for Advanced. How do they work? The courses explore skills and ideas […]

New electric, acoustic and bass ‘Song Based’ lessons launched today

By admin | March 22, 2017

Over the years our Song Learner and Worship Collection Lessons have been really popular, especially for people who have gone through our curriculum-focused worship courses first and want to explore more songs and techniques such as those used on professional recordings. So we’re delighted to announce a new look category called “Song Based Lessons” that […]

Developing a sense of timing in your worship team

By [email protected] | October 17, 2016

Someone once told me that music with dodgy tuning is folk and music with dodgy timing is jazz… So does that mean lots of worship bands are actually playing sophisticated jazz-folk? All jokes aside, so many worship teams could improve their sound immensely if they just focused on improving their sense of timing. Most musicians […]

Comparison tables of bass guitar strings

By admin | January 8, 2016

We wrote an article on recommended bass guitar strings back in 2009 and find that people are still commenting on it eight years later. A recent comment included a link to a very helpful Russian website with an indepth article about bass guitar strings (you can click through to it and use Google Translate to read […]

Bass fretboard chart

By admin | October 19, 2015

We have a lot requests for a bass fretboard chart. We do have the diagram hidden away in our members area but thought we’d put it up here on the blog too:   More bass resources There are loads of great free bass resources on our blog – digest of them here. We also have […]

Free worship bass lesson: Famous One

By [email protected] | October 6, 2015

One of over 1,500 lessons you can access through our new online streaming site at This lesson is taken from the Advanced Bass Course where as well as each individual lesson you get two backing tracks for each song. These have the song with and without the bass part so that you can easily […]

Turn it up to 11 (and down to 1)

By Tim Martin | February 6, 2015

  Yesterday I was flicking around radio stations in the car as I do from time to time. I’d stick with each station just long enough to hear what was going on and decide whether I was in the mood for what I heard. As I was scanning through I came to a station which […]