Song Based Lessons – Bass Guitar

This course contains 20 lessons

Our Bass Guitar song based lessons unpack a pro standard session bass part taken from our Worship Backing Band MultiTrack recordings. We break down the part, note-for-note and show you the techniques behind the note choice. These parts are¬†great for…

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Bass: Song Learner Series

This course contains 15 lessons
The Worship Bass Song Learner Series are generally suitable for people who have gone through the Beginner Bass Course. The tend to be simpler lessons than those in the Intermediate courses.
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Worship Bass Collection

This course contains 21 lessons
Improve your licks, tricks and chops by learning pro session bass parts to 20 worship songs. Presented by Matt Weeks, who teaches you how a session player approaches a song whilst remaining creative and tasteful.
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Bass: Beginners

This course contains 92 lessons
By following this course you will learn how to:
  • Play open, fretted, long and short notes and develop left and right hand technique
  • Create different grooves in time with the kick drum
  • Play worship songs in different keys using major and minor scales
  • Discover intervals, Nashville numbering and transposing
  • Use arpeggios, octaves, passing notes and harmony lines
  • Learn and play along to Blessed Be Your Name, Here I am to Worship, Hosanna, Everlasting God and Beautiful One
Plus gear guide, practice tracks and tips from some of the world's best known worship leaders and bassists including Chris Tomlin's bass player Jesse Reeves. This course covers a years' worth of worship focused lessons and is suitable for complete beginners as well as guitarists who want to transfer their skills to bass.
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Bass: Intermediate

This course contains 82 lessons
This Intermediate course is suitable for competent bass players who want to improve their playing skills and ability to produce creative, tasteful bass lines. You'll follow a structured curriculum learning new techniques, improve your musical understanding all taught using well known worship songs.
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Bass: the Advanced course

This course contains 38 lessons
By following this course you will learn:
  • A whole range of pro standard usable bass licks you can add to your library
  • Ghost notes and damping techniques
  • 16th note groove ideas
  • Positional playing and where to make full use of the fretboard
  • Tasteful melodic lines and fills based on scalic ideas
  • Where to use chromatic gospel lines
  • Ideas for using passing notes, arpeggios and pedalling in context
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