Worship Bass

Worship Bass lessons and courses: online and on DVD

Beginner Worship Bass

Suitable for complete beginners and guitarists transferring to bass. A step-by-step worship bass course that will teach a total beginner all the basic skills they need to become a competent bass player.

The equivalent of a year of bass lessons all built around learning well known worship songs. Plus tips and guest lessons from some of the best known worship leaders in the world.

By following this course you will learn how to:

  • Play open, fretted, long and short notes and develop left and right hand technique
  • Create different grooves in time with the kick drum
  • Play worship songs in different keys using major and minor scales
  • Discover intervals, Nashville numbering and transposing
  • Use arpeggios, octaves, passing notes and harmony lines
  • Learn and play along to Blessed Be Your Name, Here I am to Worship, Hosanna, Everlasting God and Beautiful One

Plus gear guide, practice tracks and tips from some of the world’s best known worship leaders and bassists including Chris Tomlin’s bass player Jesse Reeves.

Worship-focused lessons designed for complete beginners as well as guitarists who want to transfer their skills to bass guitar. Note DVDs no longer available – download or stream only.

“The Musicademy team has, once again, introduced a superior teaching product specifically for the worship-leading musician….This 3-DVD set covers a year’s worth of bass guitar lessons in just a few hours; its success lies in several styles of presentation, and the advantage of replaying the same lesson until you get it just right….the perfect mechanism through which you – or members of your worship team – can learn and perfect the craft of bass guitar.”     Worship Leader Magazine

Intermediate Worship Bass

Take your playing skills to new levels with this set of worship focused Christian bass lessons.

By following this course you will learn how to:

  • Develop your timing, skills and learn a range of new grooves
  • Play in different styles using gospel, slap, string skipping, damping, and chromatic runs, pedalling and harmonics
  • Develop your music theory knowledge of intervals, major, minor and chromatic scales
  • Learn about chord construction, substitutions and inversions
  • Play by ear, indifferent keys using Nashville numbering
  • Develop your positional playing and left and right hand technique
  • Use 10ths and arpeggios for creating melodic bass lines
  • Create fills and licks using pentatonic scale shapes
  • Develop 16th note playing and sub division awareness
  • Improve your communication, dynamics and learn three steps to shaping a bass line

This course covers a years’ worth of worship focused lessons. It is designed for existing bass players who want to broaden their skills. (The trailer covers both Beginner and Intermediate courses.)

6 hours of lessons, practice tracks, loops and tips from top worship bassists including Chris Tomlin’s bass player, Jesse Reeves.

The Worship Bass Collection

Improve your licks, tricks and chops by learning pro session bass parts to 20 worship songs.

20 bass guitar lessons teaching you how a session player approaches a song whilst remaining creative and tasteful. Learn Matt Weeks’ session bass parts to 20 worship songs and radically enlarge your vocabulary of bass licks, tricks and chops. For 4 and 5 string basses.

Techniques taught include:

  • Exploring the entire neck
  • Ghost notes
  • Scalic licks, licks based on using 5ths, licks based on chord tones, 2nds and 7ths
  • Octaves, chromatic runs and arpeggios
  • Riffs and motifs
  • When to use melody

By following this 9 hour course you will learn the following songs:

  • 10,000 Reasons, Your Love Never Fails, How Can I Keep From Singing, Before the Throne of God Above, Let God Arise, Here For You, Christ is Risen, God of this City, Great is Thy Faithfulness, You Hold Me Now, How Deep the Fathers Love For Us, O Praise Him, The Power of the Cross, Lead Me to the Cross, You Alone Can Rescue, Your Name, Sing to The King, Say So, You’ll Come, It’s Your Love.

Advanced Worship Bass

Learn advanced bass parts to 14 worship songs with 7 hours of instruction and practice backing tracks:

  • An in-depth instructional video lesson per song
  • Step by step instruction and camera close ups
  • Every bass part is unpacked in detail
  • High quality backing tracks to play along to
  • Select backing tracks with or without bass parts
  • Onscreen chord charts

Now only available as a download or via our subscription site. This course will also help you integrate advanced techniques into your style:

  • A whole range of pro standard usable bass licks you can add to your ‘library’
  • Ghost notes and damping techniques
  • 16th note groove ideas
  • Positional playing and where to make full use of the fretboard
  • Tasteful melodic lines and fills based on scalic ideas
  • Where to use chromatic gospel lines.
  • Ideas for using passing notes, arpeggios and pedalling in context

“This is an excellent course of study for bass guitar. Matt is a great teacher. It is especially nice because of the emphasis on worship music although what Matt teaches relates directly to playing in any band. I have nearly completed the course and have been able to translate all of what I’ve learned to my playing. I just bought the Advanced Series! Musicademy products are excellent! Keep up the great work folks.”
Matthew Vincent, Missouri

NEW! Beginner Plus Bass Course

Combine learning some great new skills through technique lessons, exercises and play throughs. Put the techniques into practice with pro-standard bass parts for well known worship songs, with every note, fill and lick unpacked step-by-step.

  • Scale shapes in the keys of G, D, A, Bb and B
  • Fretboard positional playing in G, D, A, Bb and B
  • Creating movement using passing notes
  • How to use low 5ths to create ‘in the pocket’ fills
  • Using chord tones to create tasteful licks and runs
  • Combining high 5ths 3rds and 7th for smooth chord to chord movement
  • Building right hand dexterity to play fast 8th notes
  • How to integrate all techniques into pro bass parts


  • Wake (Hillsong) Key – G
  • We Are The Free Key – G
  • At Your Name  Key – G
  • Oceans Key – D
  • Abide With Me Key – A
  • All Because of Jesus (Casting Crowns) Key – Bb
  • Always Key – B

Includes everything you need to master the song and technique:

  • A chord chart for each song
  • Full length video play through for each song with bass parts on screen
  • Exercises and play alongs

NEW! Intermediate Plus Bass Course

With our technique lessons and exercises you will learn professional bass parts to well known worship songs. Every note, fill and lick is unpacked step-by-step. After each lesson practice your new skills with the play throughs.

  • Using chord tones and passing notes to create tasteful movement
  • Integrating 7ths and 9ths into some invaluable stock licks
  • Pop, disco and gospel techniques and ideas
  • Ideas for creating movement and fluidity in hymns with fast moving chord changes


  • King Of Heaven
  • Good Good Father
  • Lord I Need You
  • Cornerstone
  • Gods Great Dance Floor
  • Crown Him

Includes everything you need to master the song and technique:

  • A chord chart for each song
  • Full length video play through for each song with bass parts on screen
  • Exercises and play alongs

Song Learner Worship Bass – Now half price!

The Song Learner Series is designed any bass player who wants to learn great parts to well known worship songs and improve their range of styles and techniques. They are perfect for students who have completed the Beginners course and help them work the more advanced teaching of the Intermediate course into well known worship songs

The Song Learner Series turns a worship song into a 20 minute bass lesson (an example is shown here). Every lesson will help you unlock great bass parts used in the original recordings, and give you hints, tips and techniques which you can instantly apply to many other songs.

Tutor Matt Weeks guides you through the song in a step by step manner and is joined at the end of the lesson by guitarist Andy Chamberlain so you can put all your worship bass instruction together in a play through of the song.

The first five lessons (volume 1) are straight forward and should be accessible to relatively new players (probably best to have gone through the Beginners course first). The lessons on volumes 2 and 3 then get progressively more challenging.

“Thank you for making such a great course. I have been a cellist for 20 years and picked up playing bass on a worship team last year. The theory is great and has been a huge help in me learning to make bass lines. I like the reinforcement of playing with the drummer and the guitarist to create a groove.”     Evan Lee, USA