Licensing Musicademy DVDs for use in your own teaching

Would you like to inspire and train future worship leaders and musicians with a tried and tested set of contemporary course materials?

Our Beginners DVDs are perfect for using to teach a group of other students to play and we have churches and teachers all over the world who have used them in this way, normally together with our student workbooks (guitar and drums)which helpfully structure each DVD into 10 hourly sessions with lots of practical playing as well as questions and new practise routines to consolidate their learning.

Musicademy DVDs are only licensed for your own personal use. Where you would like to use the DVDs in a group setting you need to apply to Musicademy for a group license. We ask for this partly in order that we can fund the production of new DVD and online material, and partly because we do want to share with you the benefit of our learning curve as teachers in small groups using this material ourselves

The simplest way to use our DVDs for group teaching is to purchase a simple license from us. You buy one license per student that you are teaching plus one workbook per student. If that student then wants to buy a copy of the DVD themselves we will credit them the license fee against the cost of the DVD

If you are purchasing multiple copies of the DVDs (or, say a copy of the vocals warm up CD for everyone in your choir, then do get in touch to ask about volume discounts).

Benefits of teaching Musicademy courses in your area

  • Increase the skills and competence of your existing musicians
  • Train up a new generation of worship musicians
  • New teachers will grow their musical and communication skills by learning how to teach groups within the safety of a tried and tested step by step framework
  • Use the program to create income for your administrators and teachers as well as your church
  • Use the courses as a creative and energizing youth group activity or as a form of outreach

We are planning on working up a more comprehensive Musicademy franchise package for churches and teachers who wish to set up a fully fledged Musicademy music school in their area. Please get in touch for more information

Our phone number is +44 (0)1923 282878 (from the US you can call 315 675 5074), or you can email us at [email protected]

Using the DVDs to teach in a group

“Being very busy as a school band teacher, church music coordinator, and active in quite a few community projects I find the Musicademy DVDs very useful. They allow me to facilitate instruction to groups of all ages, 5th grade through adult. I do not have to be a master at all the various instruments and still be assured that my students are getting a well planned curriculum and receive well presented lessons. I also found students to be very attentive to the DVDs, allowing me to observe and help students more efficiently than I could by presenting and trying to help individuals too. I highly recommend to anyone the instructional products provided by Musicademy.”

Kerry Freidel, South Dakota USA