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customer_reviewsLast week we asked you to submit product reviews to our webstore (and in return receive 66 Advanced Vocals Workout exercises). We were blown away not only by the volume of the response but also the detailed feedback you gave in the reviews. You can still submit a review and receive a coupon – we’re still short of reviews for the Drum DVDs and also Song Learner DVDs. Likewise we’ve had very few reviews for any of the online lessons.

If you’ve submitted your review you do need to email us with a copy of the review in order to receive your coupon. And remember that you do need to have first purchased a product to review it! The point of customer reviews is to show an independent opinion of the product to others who are thinking of purchasing.

Its simply wonderful to have so many customer reviews up on our website for others to read through when thinking about purchasing items, so thank you for all your comments. Do click through to any product to read them in detail, however, we’ve selected a handful from each product here so that you can enjoy a little overview.

Beginners Guitar

Such an easy way to bring a guitar teacher right into your own living room! | Review by pianomomma

You may look at the price and think it’s steep, but If you consider the cost of 3 guitar lessons at $25 each….you have practically bought the DVDs already! And you can go back and redo a lesson whenever you need to! This is a great resource for beginners, and it’s awesome to have on hand for Worship Leaders who always get asked to teach guitar—point them towards this resource!
A must have for anyone who desires to really learn the skills of worship music and guitar!

Excellent Resource | Review by Chris

I had previously tried to learn how to play guitar only to achieve frustration and very little success. I had almost given up altogether until I learned about the Beginners Worship Guitar curriculum by Musicademy. Within days of using it I was playing full worship songs! It was very exciting to see that much progress. That was 2 years ago and since then I have been leading my family at home in worship regularly. Thank you so much for this excellent resource!

Great tool if you’re new to the worship scene… and even if you’re not | Review by JChampers

This is a fantastic product from start to finish. It has all the basics with many advanced tips too from leading worship artists around the world. Each lesson is like having your own private tutor. If you practice, just like you would with a teacher, you will improve and get better guaranteed! The advantage… you can go at your own pace without the cost of weekly lessons. This set pays for itself 100 times over!

If you are new to guitar or worship, or just want to hone your novice skills, this is a great DVD set and well worth what you spend on it.

Great  resource!!! | Review by Mindy

I taught myself to play guitar and have been trying to find resources to help me hone my skills. I found it!!! This dvd has been such a help for me in several different areas. The cost is incredible! I don’t have the extra time and money to take lessons so, Musicademy has been a huge blessing. I would get 1.5 lessons for what this dvd cost me and I can continue to back over it again and again until I get it:) It’s fantastic! Thanks guys!

Awesome! Very encouraging and moving along in progress quickly as well. | Review by Nicole from Canada

I bought this DVD series and I have never ever even touched a guitar. I cannot believe the progress. I am a mature lady and not a gifted musician but the teaching is so well done. Thanks Andy for being a good teacher. I highly recommend the workbook. It is most helpful. There are songs to practice that are not included on the DVD. I was able to play How great is our God with Chris Tomlin on a CD and it was pretty good. And this was the second or third song in the workbook so you can imagine how thrilled and excited I was. I bought the guitar series because I went through all the keyboards DVDs and personally know the high quality. I am very impressed and will keep buying DVDs without any reservation.

Intermediate Guitar

The best Birthday gift I ever received | Review by MNstrel

I had been wanting to buy this DVD set for a while so when my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for Intermediate Worship Guitar. It was the best present I’ve ever received. I had felt stagnated in my technique and this set has definately taken me to the next level. I loved the substitute chords, new strumming and fingerpicking patterns and styles and the barre chord techniques.
works great | Review by mario

I have purchased this three months ago and able to watch and practice, it’s actually a really great sources of learning and it’s so easy to follow, and of course the whole key is practice, practice and practice and be i able to play with the worship team last church anniversary other than that works great . I totally recommend. thanks guys keep it going.
Fantastic  for money full of practical, theoretical and theological advice, hints & tips plus much more! | Review by Domyarus

I’ve had this set now for a number of years and it has truly been a fantastic training resource.
Not only has it assisted me in my practical guitar playing, helping to encourage and inspire me to be more daring in my worship leading, playing and song writing but it has also stirred me to seek God through my worship more; not being afraid to try new things and experiment.
One of the greatest assets I found of this set was the interviews – they’re like have the world’s most renown worship leaders having a personal one to one mentoring session with you sharing their hearts and thoughts on many different areas of worship from the practical application in practice to the more theological considerations of how lives can be changed by our ability to usher in the presence of God through the culmination of skill and seeking Him.
I would highly recommend this set to anyone (and have done on many occasions!)
Excellent DVD – Can recommend! | Review by Mark

I must admit I was quite sceptical of this pack, having seen a few lame DVD ‘tutorials’ in the past!! It was a hugely pleasant surprise to find the material well organised and watchable!

I think this DVD would suit many guitarist who have the basic knowledge to lead worship already to progress to a higher level with their instrument.

AWESOME! | Review by Maddie

This was a very good buy. Instructional and well priced. Everything was explained in a easy manner for people to understand. Good Job!
Excellent for all aspiring guitarists | Review by twneubauer

I purchased the DVD series a year ago at a guitar workshop. They are an excellent resource for any beginner to intermediate guitarist. Carefully laid out the lessons are easy to follow and the backing tracks and PDF files are of great help. As with any DVD lessons the real key is practice. This series will give you the tools you need to greatly improve your guitar playing skillls as long as you are willing to work up a sweat on the fretboard. You won’t be disappointed in purchasing this DVD set.
Great DVD Box for guitarists in worshipsettings | Review by David

I got this Box on my birthday and I really liked it. Though I am almost a complete acoustic guitarist (and this box is mainly I would say for electric guitar) it has helped me in many ways. You will learn some cool various strumming patterns and my personal favorite is the CAGED method. Awesome for finding and creating your own chords on the whole threadboard.
I will buy an electric guitar in near future and I think i will take profit of all the trainings and sections in the Box then. Two aspects considering this over youtube et.al.: a) youtubes quality is poor and b) this one is specially made for worshippers and worship bands – I searched long for such a tailormade guitar course! Keep up the good work!, mates!

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

Great set, would highly recommend | Review by KC Clark

Being self-taught, I always thought that I knew what I needed to get by. Then I started playing with guys much better than myself. I saw there style and technique. I wanted something to teach me the basics over again, but also give me some tools to improve. THis set was perfect. Lot’s of tips for some current worship songs that were congruent with our style of music at our church. Even more so was the teaching by Andy Chamberlain, he made it really accessible to learn the basics to more advanced techniques to use when playing with a band and different strumming or picking techniques . . .

Extremely helpful lessons that have improved my playing acoustic guitar and leading worship. | Review by Damo

I have found the three DVDs to be so helpful in showing the different chord constructions and the help with locking in to rhythm patterns has meant that when playing with a band my timing has improved and I know when we are keeping time and I can change my playing to suit the band I’m playing with. This set of three DVDs has been useful in teaching beginners who want to learn to play guitar for the first time.

Fantastic practice resource! | Review by Zane

Great set of learning DVDs. Well presented and structured. Great to be able to go back and repeat lessons over and over till you’ve got the techniques down pat. Only been playing for a couple years and have found these DVDs a really helpful and useful practice resource!

The DVD I’ve been waiting for! | Review by Clark Zaunbrecher

This DVD gets 4 stars! I’d been waiting for a DVD like this for a while. I’ve played acoustic guitar for years and had sort of plateaued. I was able to play with a band and keep tempo etc… But I desired to beable to play more skillfully when leading worship with only a guitar. This DVD was just the thing to press me forward in my guitar skills.

Exceeded my expectations | Review by David

The content is very good and easy to follow. The material is varied enough to keep you interested for many playing hours. The format is great for practicing and it is like having a playing partner. The tips and tricks allowed me to easily elevate my playing ability which in turn has increased my confidence. It’s like a teacher in a box with unlimited access. Highly recommended.

Another great product | Review by Wendy

Another great product that I have purchased from you… I have enjoyed many hours of tuition. All the teaching is great and easy to follow! It is an excellent follow on from the beginners DVD’s. I found the Travis picking really helpful and a different picking pattern that enhanced my playing. Keep up the good work! :)

These DVD’s are awesome and have something for everyone! | Review by Jason

I’ve been playing the guitar for about 10 yrs and felt that I had hit a plateau. After going through this course I’ve added so much to my musical arsenal. The tips and tricks for each key alone are worth the cost of the whole set. I would highly recommend these discs to anyone looking for some instruction.

Intermediate Electric Guitar

Awesome! | Review by Maureen

Excellent, easy to follow and the content is right on the money, 1st lesson is super useful, especially for someone like myself migrating from acoustic to electric.

Great skill-buiding tool for Guitarists | Review by Eric F

What I love about the products that Musicademy puts out is that they are very well thoughtout. Andy will teach a section, give you little tips in this specific area, and then gives you a song in which to put this technic to practice. Great resource for the church as well as for any guitarist wanting to boost their playing to the next level. Great Product!

Song Learner Guitar

Excellent buy worthy of recommendation: Andy is a skillful teacher. | Review by StephenTMS

I have gone through 2 out of the 3 CDs. Very clear practical teaching by Andy. The pace is easy to follow and I have been encouraged by several useful tips as I go through each song. One of the best bits about this resource is the use of tabs that allow smooth chord changing which also enhances the musical quality of my strumming. This resource is definitely a blessing. My hope is that Andy will continue to produce similar type teaching resource especially on the many new worship songs coming from Hillsongs. Thank you for putting all this together. Please keep up this excellent work.

Now my strumming won’t sound the same for every song! | Review by Craig

I downloaded a few of these lessons to try them out. For me, the main appeal is the opportunity to learn different strum or fingerpicking patterns for songs we actually use in worship, since I tend to get in a rut with my playing. I look forward to seeing the library of available songs grow. Thanks for all the resources you produce!

Beginner Keys

Great Keyboard Course | Review by Sandy

I needed a keyboard course to learn to play for church. I had played guitar for years and this course helped me to learn to play keyboard. It started very simple and bulit skill upon skill. I loved that I could learn at my own pace. I paid once and had an instructor in my house day and night, whenever I wanted to practice. Thanks.

Excellent introduction for classical to contemporary | Review by Locky

I found the musicademy Beginners Keyboard DVDs to be an excellent introduction on how to play contemporary Christian music from lead sheet style music. I had worked out how to tackle lead sheets somewhat by myself, but these DVDs codified it all for me and provided further useful techniques for attacking those sparse-looking lead sheets. Certainly this course would be of benefit to those people who are classically trained but who find it hard to fill things in with just chords. Particularly important is that Tim not only shows you the chords but shows you HOW to use them; unlike a lot of piano courses that can give you a litany of chords but leave you stranded with regard to how you use them.
Highly recommended :)!

Excellent introduction to getting that contemporary keys sound | Review by Locky

I have always muddled my way through worship songs, picking things up by ear and fiddling around enough to get by. The Musicademy beginners keyboard course has helped immensely in codify some of the things I was already doing and providing further methods and techniques. These DVDs make paying from lead sheets and interpreting chords much clearer and shows you how to actually use the chords, rather than simply telling you what they are.
Happily recommended:)

Love It ! | Review by ThomasM

I love this DVD set ! It has opened a whole new world for me in playing keyboard/piano. I can’t say enough good things about it! I have learned more from this DVD set than I have from years and years of “picking” thru music as I tried to read it. Playing keyboards using this technique is so much more enjoyable now! Thank you for this awesome product! I hope to expand my musical horizons to include guitar and drums one day!!! :) God bless you and your staff that work so hard to provide a quality product!

Very concise | Review by MusicMom

I already know the basics of piano playing, theory, etc. I ordered the beginner DVD set to help with the practical side of playing- how to voice chords, move around the keyboard, etc. I watched the first DVD even though it was a review for me; the teacher worked at a very good pace for beginners. It’s a step by step, very logical approach to playing. I haven’t finished both DVDs yet, but I plan on buying the Intermediate set when I finish. I’ve bought instructional videos before and was disappointed at the pace- too much too soon. I REALLY like the teaching style and would recommend the set for players of all levels. Now if only I could practice more often……. :-)

Intermediate Keys

Motivating and equipping! | Review by aqv

Having worked through the Beginner DVDs quite quickly – to make sure I ddn’t miss anything! – I began the Intermediates. These DVDs continue to be so helpful, especially in motivating me to try out new rhythms, which I’ve been pretty stale on. I was classically trained years ago, then had a 5-minute “this is how you use chords to accompany” theory session with an excellent keyboard player, but since then it’s been down to me practise and to search out resources. This is filling the bill for me. I’ve found the pace a bit slow at times, but I can always skip forward. My only little criticism is the rather “wooden” presentation of songs using the small band. It doesn’t look like fun! I bet you have lots of fun when the camera’s not rolling! But thanks for all your efforts and expertise – I’m continuing to use the DVDs and to recommend them.

So glad you’re out there, Musicademy! | Review by Kathy Brown

A year ago I stumbled across the Intermediate Keyboard set while looking for desparately for anything to help me transition from a traditional pianist to worship team keyboard player. I made the mistake of not ordering it right away. The next time I looked, I couldn’t find it. Around a year later, I finally put in the right search terms, found it and ordered it immediately. The timing was perfect. I now had been playing with the worship team long enough that I was just at the right place to assimilate the lessons in your Intermediate program. The first part was mostly review. But by the second disc I was having to do each lesson 2-3 times and really learning a lot. You are filling a much needed niche in worship team musician education. I love reading your newsletters and learn so much from them!

Highly Helpful – Sets you on the path | Review by Matt

I wanted to be able to play keyboards in a band setting using chord sheets that guitarists use. I had seen artist after artist that played or had someone playing in a modern, artistic way that flowed with the other instruments and didn’t seem like they were playing classical piano. I had seen some worship leaders doing the same thing and wondered how they did it. I have played other instruments for years and so I know musical theory and the building blocks (chords, rhythm etc.) but I didn’t know how to put that together to be able to play the way that I was hearing people play. I found this set incredibly helpful in teaching me, tempo, chords, alternate chords, how to add in notes between chords and how to follow a guitar. The practice sections on this DVD with a guitar and vocalist are a very good way to break into band playing as well as getting a chance to see improvisation on the part of the keyboard. I didn’t want the DVD’s to end I just wanted more and more. This set was actually my introduction to Musicademy and I have been very happy with this product as well as others.

Could have saved myself many months of frustrating practice | Review by Eric

I started playing piano when I was very young… My parents always said I could read music before I could read words… which may not be that far from the truth. It was always frustrating trying to play in bands because I never quite knew what to play if I didn’t have it scored out infront of me.

I was really pushed by a couple of friends to change the sheet music to only have chords on it, none of the fancy in between stuff, and to improvise.. then it became I wasn’t allowed to have any sheets in front of me. After about a year I was able to just fit in and play without music, or even chord charts.

I purchased these dvd’s hoping to learn something new, and I have to say the dvd’s are packed full of great info. Much of it I had learnt through trial and error over the year, but the dvd’s are full of great tips and things I had never thought of. It has easily doubled my knowledge, in only a few short hours.

If you’ve been trapped behind your sheet music, or only have basic knowledge of playing the piano I do recommend these dvd’s. If you’ve been playing music for a while there may be some things that you’ve never thought of, or reminders of things you know, but I feel as though there is more to learn past these dvd’s and any future lessons may be better suited to the seasoned individual. Thanks Musicademy!

Very helpful | Review by jwlupton

Although I rate myself as a pretty experienced keyboard player, I found a lot of useful stuff in this set. Some of it is confirming things I already do, but I now know WHY they work! At first I found the lack of musical notation annoying, but then I realised that memorising chord sequences is vital to a sensitive “performance”. Coming from a classically-trained background it’s hard to get away from “the dots”, but this DVD set is helping me to do just that!

Excellent DVDs | Review by Roy

The Intermediate Worship Keyboard DVDs are really great. The ideas presented in these DVDs are very helpful. Some of my favorite sections are the melodic fills and improvisation, using different sounds and advanced chords. The DVDs show to use the keyboard as a chords based instrument and this technique really works great in worship music. Thank you musicademy team for producing the high quality material for worship musicians.

Advanced Keys

A valuable tool | Review by Janelle Anderson

I have played piano/keyboards for years, but felt that I was in a rut. This DVD helped me in some very key ways. One of those ways was the tips in playing fills and finding new voicings to make my playing richer and more interesting. I could hear players doing that but could never quite figure out what they were doing. I am a visual learner, so the camera view above the hands helped me more than anything else I think. This is an excellent product that can improve your skills and increase your enjoyment of playing music! I highly recommend it!

Vocals Box Set

Excellent tool | Review by Lulu

Such an excellent product. Helpful in not only developing your own vocal skills and voice, but also makes me feel more confident to sing and harmonise with others. A++++ !!

Has really improved my technique | Review by Lina

I belong to a small church in California. I sing solos once a month and for special occasions. Even though others may have not notices my singing insecurities, there was such a lack of confidence when I would prepare my song. Frustrated, I would resort to lowering the key. I feared losing vocal control and that was due to lack understanding my diaphragm. Your vocal DVDs truly helped me discover new techniques to strengthen my head voice. I am now singing songs with a higher range and even taking higher (and lower) harmony parts with the choir. Overall, I just have a better understanding of music theory. What a way to honor and praise God with our vocal instrument confidently! Thank you!

A great resource for vocalists of all levels | Review by Alan

This Box Set of DVD’s is a great resource for vocalists of all levels. Everything you need to advance personal technique as well as the technique of your worship team is covered. From proper breathing and warm-up exercises to music theory and practical advice from professional vocalists. Highly recomended!

Great for every voice, worship singer or not | Review by Roseleen

Bought this set of DVDs two years ago and still find them helpful to go back to. Showed them to my sister who sings in pubs, etc. She found them excellent also.

One thing I would say is that the vocal exercises could maybe be put onto one disc and teaching songs on another etc. I found myself forgetting a lot of the exercises on the other discs because I spent so much time on the first disc.

I found the song learner elements excellent, especially In Christ Alone, which I always found particularly difficult but it helped by showing the different parts of the voice and how to use them.

For better singing and harmonies | Review by Laura

Such an excellent product. Helpful in not only developing your own vocal skills and voice, but also makes me feel more confident to sing and harmonise with others. A++++ !!”

Vocals Warm-up CD

I am a professional singer and it has proved a God Send. | Review by Helen

I was advised to warm up before performing to protect my voice.
I purchased The Music Academy Essential vocal Warm up CD and it has been miraculous.
Not only has it protected my voice and enabled me to sing for more than one performance without rasping or burn out but the vocal exercises have actually extended my vocal range.
I would never sing without it now.

Use it everyday | Review by stealthsi009

I use this cd almost everyday in the car on the way to work, the store, and on my way to Sunday worship. It’s great because by the time I get to church sunday morning my vocals are all ready warmed up and ready to sing. I recommend this to anyone who is wanting also to improve their singing. It has helped me in breathing, vocalization, and intonation.

An awesome vocal warm-up cd! I’d recommend it to every one before they sing! | Review bySandy Beardsley

I have been directing a small choir since last May. Instead of stressing out about warming up the choir, I decided to use this cd to warm them up. This is an outstanding cd to warm up the voice. This cd offers a 5 minute warm-up, a 10 minute warm-up, and a 15 minute warm-up, so, you can use this to fit your warm-up needs at any given time. Kate Silber is the instructor and she does an excellent job of enhancing the potential to increase the tone, range, and power of your voice. I appreciate this cd so much. It certainly has made my job easier as a choir director. In future cds, I would like to have more breathing exercises. Thanks again for a job well done! -Sandy

Worth every penny | Review by I first brought this CD a while back and I was so impressed with it I’ve raved about it to my friends and have since brought sev

I first brought this CD a while back and I was so impressed with it I’ve raved about it to my friends and have since brought several for my friends and this is why: I did the full Vocal CD everyday for one week (no other singing) then I led praise and worship on the Sunday service, I immediately saw a difference in my voice, my range had extended and the quality of my voice had improved! So what can I say, I highly recommend the CD and its worth every penny!

Great Warm-up | Review by Joe

I bought the Essential Vocals warm-up CD with the vocals package about 4 months ago and I have used it every Sunday morning on my drive to the church. It has been a wonderful addition to my Sunday routine. The warm-up is very effective and having a CD is a great way to get a great warm-up in, in the car, where no one can laugh at you or hear you early in the morning. I recommend it to anyone who sings on your team. Thanks for this great resource.

Advanced Workout CD

Thanks | Review by Michelle Hanley

Great CD, and very quick shipping! Highly recommended.

Harmony and Backing Vocals

Better then a vocal coach | Review by Leo

Hey there. I recently purchased this product to try and boost the quality of the songs we sing in the church choir.

We’ve always had problems trying to form suitable harmonies/backing vocals to go along with our excellent selection of lead vocalists.

I’ve personally tried everything, including the introduction of a vocal coach to help the entire group, but this only seemed to confuse things.

Then I came across this product and it seemed appropriate to pretty much exactly what I needed.

By following the easy to use instructions given out on the DVD’s I’ve managed to transform our church choir into a garden of awe. People have recently begun to go to church just to hear our praises whereas before they didn’t (or so I’ve been told anyway).

The backing vocalists all want to say a personal thanks for creating this workshop, it’s really helped them to become better harmonisers and has given them such an in-depth knowledge of this subject.

Excellent Resource for Any Worship Team | Review by Dion Sepolen

This product was a great resource for our team. Having recently taken on the task of leading a team, I wanted to improve several areas. In particular, vocal improvement was a main focal point.

We not only wanted to improve, but we added more voices to the mix. The DVD’s allowed us to find a central area to focus on and blend. Andreana Arganda does a great job of singing each part for the vocalists to mimic. She also has some cool lessons which will help with dynamics and vocal care.

I learnt a lot | Review by Adeq8

I bought the Harmony and Backing vocal workout at the beginning of last year because I wanted to learn a bit more about Harmonies as I was working more with my church choir. I found this self tutorial very helpful and a blessing…it made my finding of harmonies very easy and also gave me the confidence to be able to teach the group. I would encourage anyone looking to buy the hormony and backing vocal cd to buy it because it is worth it.

Clear instruction and opportunities to practice new skills in a “real-time” setting. | Review byAxCarolynC

I loved the way this product allowed my singers virtually take the rest of the worship team home with them. With the backing tracks, and their own part highlighted, it was easy for them to hear and follow, then eventually to hold their own. I started with a team of melody singers and now have more confident harmonizers. All the tips and teaching were very valuable as well. I think Musicademy does an excellent job of preparing worshippers to bring their best to God and His Body and have purchased and used many of their tools.

Easy to use and included songs we use in worship | Review by Nyla

I have been singing in church for several years, but have had a hard time picking out the harmonies and feeling confident singing them so I have stuck with the melody. With the tracks being separated out I was able to hear the harmony more clearly and practice it “with training wheels” in a sense. I also appreciated that you used songs I was already familiar with and ones we use in worship in our church. Very helpful!

Beginners Bass

A great resource for bass players at all levels | Review by Kevin

This is a great resource for bass players at all levels. We bought Beginner and Advance Bass and have benefitted by them greatly! Well produced and put together! Great teachers too! Our guys have been watching them and have enjoyed them. Great information, taught very well, very thorough, and professionally put together. We just bought the Intermediate Guitar DVD’s and I am looking forward to watching them as well. Thank you for putting these resources together so that we can become more excellent at what we do! I would recommend these resources to any church that is wanting to move forward and grow their talent.

What I thought of ‘Christian Bass Beginners’ | Review by Birdbrain2007

The best DVD I’ve ever bought! Yes, a lot of money for only a few discs though.
It happened that we were short of a bassist in church and was given a second bass from a friend.
I had NO experience in guitar playing and after only a few weeks were able to play a few songs in church!

I’ve been given the Intermediate DVD for Christmas so- look out all! Brilliant | Review by Don Littlejohn

I have now used Beginners’ Keyboard and Beginners’ Bass DVDs and I am working through the Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVD. I may not be the best musician in our church but I am far better than I would have been without these resources and so are the people I have encouraged and passed on tips and teaching to as a result of all this. We also use the Worship backing tracks for musicians and for the church. It’s all BRILLIANT!!!!

Intermediate Bass

Great lessons in your own home | Review by GW

Used this course after completing the beginner bass dvd set. It helped me improve greatly and inspired me to keep working on my skills. I enjoy the ease of lessons in my own home and at my own pace.

Good way to solidify your skills. | Review by RZ

I used this course to solidify my bass playing. Like most church bass players, I transfered from playing guitar to bass and now this is my main instrument. I look forward to the advanced course to take me to the next level.

Advanced Bass

An excellent resource for taking bass that bit further | Review by Monsterpuss

Having recently been given this I’ve been very impressed with it. Matt gives some great ideas for riffs, melodic fills and grooves. There is a large repertoire of songs included but once Matt’s principles have been grasped they can be applied to other songs without a problem – the only limit is your creativity.
It would be helpful if the backing tracks provided were also available in MP3 format so that they can be transposed into the keys we’ll be playing them in for practice. Notation of Matt’s bass lines would also be a nice-to-have bonus.

Great Pace | Review by manland

I’ve been to worship seminars before and have gone to bass clinics. I have to admit that I got very little out of those seminars. Simply because they try to cram so much into the hour that they have and because a lick or progression will go by so quick you don’t have time to catch it, let alone get it under your fingers-which is where it really needs to be. This DVD series allows for all of that! I haven’t finished the series yet, which is actually a positive in my mind. I’m taking the time to get it under my fingers. There are grooves that fit very well with my playing and that I’ll incorporate into my every week playing. Other fills I probably won’t-but they’ve been good exercises for me to learn. The way I use the series is to “burn” through the whole song one time, then I go back and start working each little section. I play it on my computer with my bass in my lap. I am continually pausing the DVD, playing my bass, then restarting the DVD. You can’t do that in a seminar! The DVD is perfectly laid out for this style of learning. I’d highly recommend this!

Song Learner Bass

Priceless Instruction! | Review by Julie

This is a fantastic DVD. It doesn’t just teach you how to play a few songs, it teaches you principles and techniques that can transfer over to many, many songs. I’m a worship leader at a small church, and I’ve talked my husband into playing bass for church. He doesn’t have a whole lot of time to invest into practice, so this DVD is perfect because he can learn loads of information in a short amount of time and apply it immediately to a song that we play in church. Thank you for making this product and making it so affordable it was a great purchase!

Beginner Drums

Solid foundation | Review by Eric

I enjoyed this DVD since it’s building you from the ground up teaching you fundamentals as well as concerns you may have as a new drummer playing for your church. I found this set to be very helpful and encouraging.

Drum Workout CD

Love it!! | Review by Jerome

The way the guy commentated in the Heavyweight pack, and guided the step-by-step process was really helpful for me in getting the groove of things. It really shows you slowly and builds till you can handle it on your own so there’s no need to replay the video lessons over and over again.

Certainly worth a buy :D

Intermediate Drums

The best | Review by John Vinton, UK

Just to say it is really excellent, thank you for such a well-produced teaching resource, I am already enjoying it immensely and learning a great deal from it, and hearing sensible answers to many questions about many aspects of playing drums. It explodes a few very old myths! I have used many different drum tutor books and teaching resources over six decades now (with a 40-year gap in the middle!!) – and this one is definitely the best.


Helpful Music and Musicianship Knowledge and Tips | Review by MrShei123

I play trumpet and I am the only wind instrumentalist in our worship band. This video showed me practical tips of developing supportive lines and melodies that complement other instruments and more importantly the singer(s). In addition, the instruction is presented with a good, simple explanation of the musical theory behind it.

In addition, the instruction is punctuated with very good tips on how to become a better musician and offer our best offering of praise unto The Lord – Highly recommended!

Worship Backing Band for Churches

A great kick start | Review by Alana

Wow! Our church traditionally has be all acappella. Our “backyard” band recently played a concert there and the worship team decided to begin moving in a new direction. A ‘friend’ of the church purchased the, Worship Backing Band, set and asked us to implement it right away. Talk about a great kick start to the new program. We’ve been able to take our little band of merry players and create a wonderful worship experience. We’ve been using this set to really gain a broader based for our home-based LIFE Groups as well as implementing them for worship. Thank you so much for this outstanding outlet for our outreach.

Great Product | Review by Katie

This is a great product for someone who is just beginning to lead worship and doesn’t necessarily play any instruments! What a great tool available to us! The DVD is easy to use and the song selection is great.

Brilliant | Review by Linda

Easy to use with only a small number of people. This has been a life saver for someone trying to organise worship for small groups. I hope you will release another one very very soon with more songs. This is by far the best DVD of this type I have found

Worship Backing Band for Musicians

all in one | Review by p&w

This DVD is definitely something that your praise band should have for practice. You don’t have to look for individual songs anymore. Most of the songs you practice are on this one DVD. Great tool to have for beginners or advanced. Easy to navigate. You can also use the tracks for church as it includes the lyrics and music. You can even omit the vocals if you want just the instrumental or want to sing along. Keep in mind, buying the DVD is cheaper than buying individual songs!

Used for auditions | Review by Eric

I used the DVD for worship team auditions. It leveled the playing field and allowed any given song to be used for any instrument. A great idea, and very well done.

The only thing I would change is the embedded click track in the tracks without drums. There isn’t a consistent count-in length from song to song, and it would be handy if the click was panned hard one direction and the rest of the audio was panned the other way. This would allow better control of the mix for the drummer if they had a mixer available.

All in all, this is a great product!

Excellent quality backing tracks | Review by Peterw

Excellent quality backing tracks, accessible in different permutations (without vocals, guitar, keyboard etc). The best thing about them is that are good without being flashy, and certainly no cheesy Midi melody lines that you get from other vendors!
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