“I don’t need a microphone do I?”

By admin | September 22, 2017

 Well actually, yes you do need to use a mic in church. Sometimes, especially in a small room, a speaker will arrive at the lecturn and, aware they are “good at projection” or “have a loud voice” and suggest that they can do away with the mic. I’m not sure whether this is a “man […]

4 ways to reduce stage noise in church

By Guest Blogger | July 13, 2017

  The benefits of lowering stage noise are clear: Better sound Happy audience Positive feedback Amazing, right? The only question is: How can you reduce stage noise ? That’s easy: follow my guide below. Option 1 : Reduce drums volume Drum shield Drum shields are very effective in preventing stage noise. They are often used […]

Flare Audio’s Isolate ear defenders [Review]

By admin | November 2, 2016

I go to a lot of live music. Festivals, gigs and conferences. At the majority, sound levels are perfectly acceptable and I leave at the end of the evening without feeling that my ears are bleeding. But sometimes it’s loud. Too loud. At a pub gig a couple of years ago the music was so […]

Ask the Expert: Best recording mic (in a noisy room)

By admin | January 26, 2016

We had a slightly strange “Ask the Expert” email from Mike Barco which our friends at SFL Group have done their best to answer. “I’m trying to capture the best recording on a quite creaky floor noise coming through the wall… Which microphone is best for this?”   Now we’re not too sure if Mike is […]

5 top tips for developing and training your church sound team

By Guest Blogger | December 28, 2015

We ran an open question on the website and Facebook recently inviting you to submit your questions in relation to common problems with church sound. The team at SFL have been through the responses and picked out the most common and interesting themes which we’ll be bringing you in a series of articles in the […]