Listening skills for worship musicians

By Marie@Musicademy | July 31, 2019

Some time back I was in a church listening to the band play. They were doing all the right things but something about their sound did not facilitate the congregations’ worship as well as it might. The playing was ok and reasonably in time, the volume was appropriate, the pacing was fine, even the tuning […]

Improvisation Skills for Orchestral Instruments – now available as downloads. Plus FREE lesson.

By Marie@Musicademy | March 18, 2015

Buy the full course and save 50%! We’re pleased to announce that our Improvisation Skills for Orchestral Instruments course is now available as 16 individual downloads. Buy all 16 parts at the same time and a 50% discount will be applied at the checkout. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the lessons which starts off […]

Turn it up to 11 (and down to 1)

By Tim Martin | February 6, 2015

  Yesterday I was flicking around radio stations in the car as I do from time to time. I’d stick with each station just long enough to hear what was going on and decide whether I was in the mood for what I heard. As I was scanning through I came to a station which […]

Ask the Expert: How to mic a flute

By admin | December 4, 2014

Martin Sapsed from Caernarfon emailed with a question: “My wife plays the flute in our worship group which usually comprises my electro-acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, my wife’s flute and a couple of singers. Currently the mic usually pointed at the flute is what I think would normally be a singer’s mic – not an SM58 […]

Download Musicademy’s entire DVD collection online

By Marie@Musicademy | November 12, 2013

Digital downloads instead of DVDs We’ve spent the past few months digitising almost all our portfolio of DVDs so that you can now buy them as online downloads. You’ll enjoy a 20% discount when you buy a full course at the same time (which will include ALL the content from the DVD set) as well as […]

40% off our Play By Ear DVDs

By Marie@Musicademy | May 20, 2013

40% off flash sale. Learn to play by ear, without sheet music or chord charts We are offering our Play By Ear DVD set at a huge 40% off until the end of May. The course teaches you how to play by ear as well as gain a deeper understanding of what you can do with […]

The “Cut out and Keep” Guide to How Chords Work

By Andy@Musicademy | May 3, 2013

Here’s a handy guide to help you understand the notes the most common basic and extended chords. If you’ve not done much chord theory its really worth absorbing. Chords – the knowledge… that must be obeyed at all times!! 1. Basic Chords Basic chords are known as triads as they only contain 3 notes. Even […]

Free video on improvisation for orchestral instruments

By admin | March 13, 2013

Learn how to get away from the musical score Here’s Tim Martin teaching a live seminar for Musicademy on improvisation skills for orchestral instruments in worship. Tim also presents Musicademy’s Improvisation for Orchestral Instruments course. Now HALF PRICE.   Other posts you might like: Free video lesson for orchestral instruments – playing sensitively in worship […]

5 tips for transitioning and flowing between songs

By Guest Blogger | January 15, 2013

Transitioning and flowing between songs In formal church traditions, where the service is often of the ‘hymn sandwich’ variety, there is obviously no need to consider how to transition between songs. However, with the rise of less formal, contemporary worship (due in large part to the charismatic renewal of the 1960’s and 70’s), there has […]