Act now. MultiTrack LITE tracks will be withdrawn from sale later this year.

Act now. MultiTrack LITE tracks will be withdrawn from sale later this year.

Our original MultiTrack Lite (1.5) tracks are to be withdrawn from sale on 31 December 2014

As you are probably aware, we launched a more comprehensive MultiTrack Player, the Pro Wav Player some time ago which featured a raft of improvements over our original Lite Player. These include better quality audio and the ability to loop and repeat sections of the song.

We’ve not released any new songs in the Lite format for some time now and the majority of users have moved to the Pro Wav Player.

We are finding that continuing to sell the Lite tracks is confusing for Pro Wav customers who sometimes purchase Lite tracks in error. For brand new customers, having two multitrack player options leads to purchase confusion and some frustration. We have therefore withdrawn the Lite Player from sale and will be withdrawing the Lite tracks from sale at the end of the year.

Your options as an existing Lite user 

  • If you wish to continue using the Lite (1.5) Player you have until 31 December 2014 to buy any remaining Lite tracks that you don’t currently have. You can continue to use the Lite Player and tracks into the future but please be aware that technical support for the Lite Player will also cease. We are also unable to continue to provide updates to accommodate technology developments such as operating system, QuickTime and browser updates That may in the future affect the working of the Lite Player.
  • If you would like to upgrade to the Pro Wav Player (with it’s increased functionality, larger archive of songs and free track of the month) then please get in touch with us for an exclusive upgrade offer.

Of course you can choose to use the Lite Player alongside the Pro Wav Player. It may get a little confusing but will help minimise the costs of repeat purchasing Pro Wav tracks you already have in Lite format. Remember that Lite tracks don’t work in the Pro Wav Player.

For those of you (the vast majority of customers) that upgraded long ago to Pro Wav, it’s business as usual with the prospect of a less confusing range of products. We’ve a new batch of tracks due in the next few weeks.

For us in the office, this will cut down on the support enquires we get from frustrated customers trying to play Lite tracks in the Pro Wav Player or who simply got totally confused on the website and bought a bizarre mixture of track formats. It will also dramatically reduce the administration required in licensing reporting on sales of a substantial portfolio of tracks.