Join us in 25 days of Advent reflections. From wherever you are.

We have decided to mark the Advent season with a daily meditation taken from the Mission Aviation Fellowship and Evangelical Alliance Advent Prayer Guide.
You can download a copy of the guide here.

We are posting the daily meditation on our Facebook page at 10am UTC (that’s 10am GMT in the UK, 2am PST, 3am MST, 5am EST). Below is the reflection from Sunday.


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Because of the way Facebook decides what to show on your timeline, you are unlikely to see all of these reflections even if you do often see our updates (our data shows that only about 5% of our 13,500 fans are regularly shown our posts). There is a way of bypassing that  ‘algorithm’ and guaranteeing that these posts will being your Facebook timeline.


It’s quite simple. Go to the Page Select the Like (or Liked) button and select “Notifications – all posts”. See the screen grab above.

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You an undo this at any point in the future.