Ask an FAQ – Which guitar DVDs are right for me?

Helen in the UK sent us this question which we are asked all the time so we’ve uploaded the answer here for others to read too:

I’m considering buying one of your worship guitar DVD’s but I’m not sure which one would be suitable for me.

I’ve been playing the guitar for my church worship group for over 10 years and I know over 50 basic chords. We use Mission Praise and I tend to follow the chords as suggested for each song. I use basic strumming techniques and I’ve never progressed to finger picking styles or chords further down the guitar neck. I can use bar chords but prefer to use a capo where possible.

After looking at your products I was unsure whether to choose the Basic or Intermediate DVD series so I would appreciate your help.

Hi Helen
Yes you are definitely an intermediate standard player. Beginners courses really are for complete beginners and designed to give the first time musician all the skills they need to enter a worship team and hold their own. Even if you have never looked at finger picking before you should be able get some of the techniques and exercises.

The intermediate courses are much more for players who can get through most worship songs in a straightforward way but may not know how to get beyond that. We have two varieties available. Briefly, the Intermediate acoustic is about creating new and interesting strumming patterns, loads of new chord shapes and new finger picking skills. The (regular) Intermediate course is about learning how to find chords all over the neck, scales for lead guitar, theory for guitarists so you can understand what chords are available to you in any key, alternative tunings, using guitar effects etc so whilst its generic there is some useful stuff for anyone wanting to move over to electric guitar.