Ask the Expert: Is it OK to record sung vocals for practice purposes under the CCLI Copyright License?

Miranda Cunningham asks:

“Is it OK to record the choir singing copyrighted songs in order to improve without putting on your CCLI Copyreport? For example recording Sunday service, rehearsal, individual practice.

Is there a difference between recording for public distribution, church distribution and just for improving the choir in terms of copyright permission?”

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Chris Williams, Customer Relations Coordinator at CCLI (UK) replies:

Dear Miranda.

The Church Copyright Licence (CCL) includes a Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) right which provides the permission to record live music from any meeting for non-commercial use.  This would therefore provide the provision to record a pianist, singer or choir onto an audio and video recording for others to use for individual practice and/or group rehearsal.  Please note that this right does not cover the post production (dubbing) of music from a commercial music recording such as a CD or MP3 for distribution to band members and singers via another media. Please contact CCLI [email protected] for more details.