Ask the Expert – Learning Cajon Drum

We had this question from Mark Worthington in the UK

“I’ve am really enjoying the Guitar DVD and Song Learner Series. I also play the Irish Bodhran reasonably well. I have noticed a trend of gentle percussion using a Cajon in both worship and pop worlds. It seems to be the acceptable face of drumming especially in churches coming from a very traditional history.

I have boldly purchased a Cajon for use in worship. How would someone in my situation go about learning to use this instrument? I don’t want to learn to use a whole drum kit so would any of the Drumming DVD’s help? Is there a possibility of a specific module on this?”cajon-drum-in-worship

We thought you would like to see the reply. If anyone has any advice for Mark please post it in the comments box at the bottom of the post.

Hi Mark

On the beginners drums DVD volume 3 we do a module on percussion techniques. These cover some fundamental grooves and techniques for:

  • egg
  • large shaker
  • tambourine
  • triangle
  • cow bell
  • conga
  • djembe
  • dijeridoo (inc circular breathing!)

As you can see unfortunately it doesn’t cover cajon as we had a limited number of things we could include but these lessons will help broaden your overall range of percussion techniques.

Sorry we can’t be more specific help but if you would like it, its available here