What are the biggest challenges you face as a worship leader or worship musician?

Below you will find the thread generated by this question raised recently on our Facebook Page. You can click and read the comments without having a Facebook account then either post your own response here on the Musicademy website or (if you are a Facebook person) on the Facebook thread. People have raised some excellent points and it is fascinating to see how many common issues there are (from churches all over the world).

We’re in the process of putting together a DVD on the topic of worship leading, and we REALLY want to dig a lot deeper than points about practical musicianship (which is only a part of what makes a worship service “good”). We are also, as you will see in the post, putting together content for a training day(s) where we want to look at elements of worship, and the art of worship leading, that is more than the music.

So over the next few weeks we will be posting more questions to Facebook – please “Like” the Page now to receive those into your newsfeed.

We really appreciate all your input. Musicademy is here for the smaller church (as opposed to the big churches that are equipped with lots of professional musicians). We love to reflect the journey you find yourselves on and always try to help support you in your unique situation. But as is clear from the thread, many many churches struggle with insufficient numbers of musicians, lack of commitment, novice sound engineers and so on.

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