Build your own bundle of Musicademy DVDs and save money


We’ve created a facility on our webstore allowing you to build a bundle of different DVDs with additional discounts.

You’ll probably have noticed in recent months that when you click on a product you get the option of adding other titles to it. Normally the titles on offer are for the same instrument, so if you are buying Intermediate Guitar, you might also be offered the Song Learner Guitar DVDs at an additional discount. The discounts are generally an additional $10 or £10 off the ususal web price, which in itself will be discounted from the RRP.

We’ve had lots of requests for unusual bundles, say mixing keyboards and bass guitar DVDs, so rather than creating a confusing number of bundled products, we’ve simply created a single bundle that you control. You pay the first £10 (or $10 if you are in the US & Canada) and after that every product has a big discount over our usual prices.

We’re hoping that this discount structure will make it possible for more churches to access our DVDs building up a library of resources for their musicians.