Chord of the Month – E7#9 (the Jimi Hendrix chord)


E7#9 (otherwise known as the Hendrix Chord) is an interesting alternative to an E or E5.

It sounds really gritty and bluesy and works well if you want songs in E to sound a bit more ‘out there’. ‘Ideal for ‘Undignified’ or ‘I’ve Found Jesus’ endings. 
Warning! Do not play this chord at sensitive moments in church! I did, but I don’t think anyone noticed.

The techie bit:
Its an “E” Chord with both major and minor 3rds!
The major 3rd is just a 3rd but
The minor 3rd is actually a #9 – no really!
Jimi would use this as a root chord (in the key of E)
Stevie Ray Vaughn would play it as a dominant 7th (in the key of Am)
Get jazzy! ..add a Bb in the bass between the E7#9 and the Am.