Download over an hour of vocal warm-up exercises

Download over an hour of vocal warm-up exercises


Download vocal warm-up exercise

Regular vocal warm-up exercises are essential for improving the tone, range and power of your voice but how many of us actually get round to doing them even before we sing, let alone on a regular basis?

Musicademy’s vocals warm-up and work-out CDs and downlaods have always been one of our best selling products, but people are also very keen to hear the exercises explained, and to see professionals singing doing the exercises.

But not everyone learns that well just by listening. Sometimes it helps to watch someone demonstrating the exercises too.

We’ve created a set of downloadable video clips (taken from our Vocals course) which pull together countless breathing, warm-up and range development exercises. You don’t need to watch the full 71 minutes all at once, but dip in and out depending on how much time you have available.

See our blog for detailed information on what these exercises do.

You can buy the warm-up exercise video download here.