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For the first time, UK churches have produced a Christmas video ad as part of a significant social media campaign. The video, called First Christmas, was unveiled on YouTube at noon on Thursday 11 December.

Francis Goodwin, who heads up the Christmas Starts with Christ campaign, said: ‘The supermarket ads, which were released last month, offered a feel good take on Christmas designed to influence consumers into spending money with them. But they all avoided any reference to the religious meaning of the season. We thought it was time to produce the Christmas ad which the supermarkets are unable to make – one which shows where the feel good factor comes from. We are asking people to watch it, judge for themselves and share it with friends.’

The style of the video lies between the cinematic quality of the Sainsbury ad and the charm of the family shown in the John Lewis ad. It is simply shot with a simple message and there is nothing to buy. The video was featured by The Daily Telegraph’s website ahead of it’s official release time.


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