Free Video Lesson – 10 things to do with chords on a keyboard

Here is a free clip from our Intermediate Worship Keyboard DVDs. Tim Martin gives 10 ideas to make chords-based playing more interesting.

There are six hours of great instruction like this on the full 3-DVD course. Volume 1 starts with some simple lessons explaining how to move from traditional to chords-based playing; it then shows you how to add interest and improvise using melodic fills, auxilliary and passing notes.

The course then cranks it up a gear getting you to work on left and right hand rhythm skills as well as integrating suspended and extended chords into your playing.

There’s also plenty on worship leading, using string, pads, electric piano and organ sounds. We’ve incorporated a buyers guide (Tim has also written a recent blog piece on recommended keyboards for church) and plenty of instruction to enable you to develop the skills to play by ear.

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