Free video lesson – playing hymns on keyboard

Free video lesson on how to play Amazing Grace

Continuing our occasional series showcasing our various DVD products by giving away a free lesson, here is a lesson from disk 4 of our Beginners Worship Keyboard Course. Its quite a complex lesson given that its on the Beginners set (showing some embellishments such as passing notes), so even if you’ve been playing a number of years, you should find something helpful here.

Tim starts with discussing the use of hymns in church. Just fast forward if you want to go straight to the lesson.

Hymns can be very daunting for the keyboard players. They always seem to have complicated chords and rapid chord changes. Here Tim Martin teaches a simple arrangement for Amazing Grace (click to download the simple chord chart). Towards the end of the lesson he gives some ideas to add interest and complexity to the arrangement with tips for changing approach for different verses.

If you do decide to buy the DVD, you’ll get another hymns lesson – How Great Thou Art – as well as a play through of each song with the Musicademy band. There’s lots on the DVD set besides these hymns, and even though this lesson might look a bit daunting for complete beginners, you will have gone through nearly 8 hours of basic teaching before you get to this point – probably the equivalent to a year of one to one lessons.

Below is an overview of the Beginners & Intermediate Keyboard DVDs.

Below is the trailer for the Advanced set. Skills for this should be at Intermediate level as the focus is on learning to play different keys parts which use the full range of sounds on your instrument, rather than requiring significantly advanced technical playing skills. You can get good discounts when you buy two or more sets at the same time.

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