Guitar lick of the month

Normally we put together a chord of the month type feature but in the light of a question from Jonathan below, ladies and gentlemen for November I give you… ‘Lick of the Month’!

“Some of my favorite clips on the Intermediate Acoustic Guitar  DVDs were the “Tricks in the Key of …” sections. My question relates particularly to the “Tricks in the Key of D” segment. At the very end of that segment, Andy plays through the entire song of Amazing Grace and demos all the tricks and tips that he’s covered. Nearly all of the tricks he demoed while playing through the entire song were part of the instructional DVDs, but there was one lick that he played that was not covered on the DVDs and I was wondering if there is any way to get the tabs for that lick. It’s the lick that he plays at measure 4 and again at measure 8.”

This one is really nice acousticy picky sort of thing. It’s kind of an amalgam of some of the other intermediate Acoustic licks and a sort of James Taylor/John Martyn hybrid. So below is the tab and the video segment if you haven’t already got the Intermediate Acoustic Intermediate DVD set.

The important thing to remember is it’s a 16th note that starts on beat two. So count (1 e and a) before playing on the second beat.