Free Bass Guitar lesson – Here I Am To Worship

Which musicians are you missing in your worship team?

We did an impromptu survey during our seminars at The Worship Conversation/The Big Church Day Out recently and found that churches were more likely to be missing bass  and electric guitar players than any other instrument. Given how straight forward it is for existing guitar players to transfer, particularly to bass, we thought we’d offer you a free Beginners Bass lesson to get you started.

This is a free lesson take from Musicademy’s Beginners Bass DVDs which are also great for guitar players wanting to transfer to bass.

Available as DVDs and also as downloads. When you buy the full lesson you also get backing tracks with and without bass to help you practice the parts.

As well as lessons teaching worship songs there are multiple tips and lessons giving all the technical knowhow to enable you to improve your bass playing such as this quick tip explaining tones and semitones:

Do also check out the new Worship Bass Collection.


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