40% off our Play By Ear DVDs

40% off our Play By Ear DVDs

40% off flash sale.
Learn to play by ear, without sheet music or chord charts

We are offering our Play By Ear DVD set at a huge 40% off until the end of May.

The course teaches you how to play by ear as well as gain a deeper understanding of what you can do with chords. Great for transposing, transcribing, improvising, arranging and even finding new chords for song writing.

The comprehensive course is designed for guitar, keyboard, bass and orchestral players and will guide you through the process of working out what chord comes next in any song by ear. It will even teach you how to substitute chords to change the mood or feel of a song. Perfect for working out chord charts from CDs, song writers, band directors or anyone wanting a thorough understanding of chord theory.

Plus each section includes plenty of in-depth demos, play alongs and there are 20 tests to maximise your learning.

Musicademy Director, Andy Chamberlain says:
This is the most comprehensive video series we’ve ever made. It has the potential to transform the musicality of your entire worship team“.

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Click through to the Musicademy website for a detailed description of what’s included. And remember, your purchase is covered by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the DVDs you can return them for a full refund.

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