New Course: Capo Positioning & Transposing for Guitar

A step-by-step course for guitarists wanting to:

    • Find any capo position in any key using familiar chord shapes
    • Transpose chord charts with complex chords into guitar friendly keys

No knowledge of music theory or reading necessary!

Step by step lessons using worship songs

Topics covered include:

    • Three methods for finding capo positions in any key
    • Capo positions for using G, C, D and E shapes in any key.

Learn how to transpose chord charts into guitar friendly keys including

    • Transposing basics using chord numbers
    • Transposing complex worship songs into guitar friendly keys
    • Transposing hymns and carols with unusual chords
    • Transpose into alternative chord voicings for different sounds

All worked out step-by-step, using worship songs, hymns and carols.



Your options for the Capo Positioning & Transposing Course

The course is available as a DVD and also as a set of online downloads.

There are also two optional extras (kept separate in order to keep the cost of the course itself low):

Capo Course for Worship Guitar

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