PA & Sound Tech Training DVDs now available in 8 downloadable sections

25% discount when you buy the PA & Sound Tech Course as downloads

Sound Tech & PA Training for ChurchesOur Sound Tech & PA Training DVDs have been one of our fastest-selling products ever and we are delighted to announce that they are now additionally available as online downloads.

The course material is broken down into eight sections. Click through to read a detailed list of content in each section (actually a really helpful insight into the detail of the course which we’ve not released before).

Buy all eight sections at the same time and a 25% discount will be applied at the checkout.

I’ve already got the DVDs. Can I have the downloads too?

Yes. We do a special deal for people who have already got the DVDs and additionally want the lessons available on their Mac or PC. Simply email us with your order number and we’ll send you a coupon code that gets you a further 80% discount on the  downloads (please note that you do need a special license to permit sharing the content – it’s currently licensed for personal use only).