Ask the Expert – headset mics for speaking

Ask the Expert – headset mics for speaking

Having answered a question recently about the best headset mics for singing, we have now been asked for advice on mics for preachers. Mark Miller asks:
“Would this mic (the DPA 4088) also work well for preaching and service leading? I’m a worship leader but will also have a role preaching and service leading as I’ll be ordained next year and was planning on investing some of my robing allowance on a good microphone”

Geoff Boswell replies:

I tend to be biased towards decent ‘professional’ solutions unless a cheaper one will really work. So here we go:

For longevity and long term value for money I would look at the Countryman E6 or E2. These are great over the ear [earset] mics. They are generally best for talking as they are both ‘over one ear’ whereas the DPAs I recommended for singers are over both ears. However the DPA 4066 omnidirectional is great for speaking as well and some would say its even better sonic quality than the Countryman. The DPA 4088 [directional version of the 4066] is recommended for singers as it behaves much better in loud monitoring [foldback] environments when feedback may be issue. Another option are the cheaper head set mics available [some as little as £40 UK£]. However this is a lottery, many of them can be brittle and don’t last long and some of them are not comfortable over the ear. You gets what you pays for with this type of mic.

Whatever you do TAKE CARE OF IT! They are all delicate!!!

Geoff Boswell is a bass player and professional sound engineer who worships at St Georges Ashtead Surrey UK.

Geoff also works part time for B&H Syscom Ltd as sound designer and consultant working primarily for churches. His main work is in the UK Broadcast industry mixing live TV sound. Geoff also rents out sound equipment.