We reveal our top Facebook fans

We’ve found a fantastic new tool which let’s us see who our most friendly fans are (who has liked and commented the most) but also that let’s us search all our posts. We often have emails from people asking for the location of a post from way back and to date it’s been very time consuming to locate as Facebook itself doesn’t have a search feature on Pages. This search facility is only available to us as the owner of the Page but if you post a request in a comment we’ll quickly be able to find the article for you.

The tool is also available to individuals to search their own personal Facebook Profiles. You can see who your top friends are – those that seem to like and comment on everything you do ;-) and also search your own timeline from the beginning of time (that’s when you first signed up to Facebook right?)

The tool is called Status History. Check it out and have a bit of fun.

Our Top Fans

Facebook fans

Thanks guys. You are all awesome and we are very grateful that you comment and like our stuff so often.

Why interaction is so important

Most people don’t realise this but the more times a post is clicked on, commented on, liked and shared the more signals it sends Facebook that it’s great content that should be surfaced to other people too. A typical Page post is only seen by about 5% of the fanbase (ours is quite a lot higher than that thanks to quality content that is quite clickable and the fact that you guys do interact with it). So it really helps us (and other fans to see our content) if you interact in some way. The interaction doesn’t even need to be a Like, just clicking on the update sends a signal to Facebook

How to make sure you see all our updates

You can instruct Facebook to show you all our updates by hitting “Get Notifications“. It won’t work on Mobile so do it when you are on a normal computer. click through to the Musciademy Facebook Page. Hover over the “Liked” button and click “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feed”.