Guitar and Bass Song Learner DVDs now half price

Guitar and Bass Song Learner DVDs now half price

The Musicademy “Song Learner” DVDs are now HALF PRICE. There are three DVDs for Guitar and three for Bass.

On reflection, we’re not sure that Song Learner was really the best brand name for them as they are really about “How to Play a Worship Song Properly“.

In a nutshell, each Song Learner DVD features 5-7 individual bass/guitar lessons teaching all the tricks, techniques, licks, fills, strumming patterns and the like for well known worship songs. Price-wise they are great value – each lesson costing maybe two or three pounds/dollars and they are great for existing players to teach you some new chops which you can then apply to other songs as well.

What customers have told us is that whilst they could often already play the songs, after working through the lesson their playing was transformed, with more beauty, new chords, pro techniques and more.

The Song Learners are a more basic product than our Intermediate DVD sets in that they don’t have onscreen graphics, backing tracks and the like. But that’s what makes them so affordable. In terms of ability, the lessons vary. They are beyond the Beginner level and some of the more complex ones are at the Intermediate level. (The three different Intermediate Guitar DVDs are explained here. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Bass are here.)