The solution to missing musicians during the summer vacation

The solution to missing musicians during the summer vacation

Three great backing track options so worship is as good (or better!) when your musicians are away this summer

With the summer vacation season upon us many churches struggle to fill their worship rosters. Rather than endure Mrs Miggins filling in on piano, check out Worship Backing Band’s interactive backing track options.
Contemporary worship music, in singable keys, that feels like a live band and is super easy-to-use.
 Worship Backing Band 2013 Editors Pick

Three options:

  • MultiTrack backing tracks – supreme flexibility – just like having a live band. You can mix, mute or solo any instrument (stem), change key, change tempo, repeat any verse or chorus. All with easy-to-use, low cost software. Designed for times when you have “half” a band. Your live musicians play along and the tracks fill in the missing instruments.
  • Downloadable video split tracks – “spilt track” vocals where you decide how much or how little of the vocal you want with the track. It’s worship karaoke with world class musicians but without the bouncing ball or the cheese! On-screen lyrics that move in time with the song so all you need is a computer, iPad, smart phone or similar plus a simple PA.
  • DVD backing tracks – again with split track vocals but in a great value bundle package. Pop the DVD into your computer and either rip the songs you want to a playlist or play from the DVD.
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