The Song Learner “How to Play” Series – get a FREE coupon here

I thought it would be worth flagging up for you the Musicademy “Song Learner” DVDs and online downloads this month. I’m not sure that we really came up with the best brand name for them as they are really about “How to Play a Worship Song Properly”.

In a nutshell, the Song Learners are individual lessons on guitar, bass or keyboard teaching all the tricks, techniques, licks, fills, strumming patterns and the like for well known worship songs. They are available on DVD or as individual downloadable lessons on our website. Price-wise they are great value – each lesson costing only a few pounds/dollars and they are great for existing players to teach you some new chops which you can then apply to other songs as well.

Musicademy Worship Guitar Song LearnerMusicademy Worship Bass Song Learner

What customers have told us is that whilst they could often already play the songs, after working through the lesson their playing was transformed, with more beauty, new chords, pro techniques and more. We’d really like you to experience that as well so feel free to use the following coupon code and have a lesson on us. You can use the code to buy a download lesson or put towards the price of a DVD. Go to the checkout and insert the code BLOG OFFER. Please note this coupon expires at the end of October 2010.

Click the links below to go to the right Song Learner for you:

Worship guitar Song Learner DVDs

Online worship guitar lessons

Online rock & pop guitar lessons

– Worship bass Song Learner DVDs

Online worship bass lessons

– Online worship keyboard lessons (sorry – not available on DVD)

A free downloadable resource sheet is available in the Musicademy members area for each song. These contain chord charts, chord shapes and strumming patterns