Announcing the new Worship Backing Band Transition MultiTrack Player

Our sister company, Worship Backing Band has recently released a brand new MultiTrack Player for Mac and PC.

The new Transition Player is built to bring Mac and PC users the popular extended functionality of the iPad Player, but with the additional ability to import your own and third party MultiTracks.

It has lots of exciting new features that were not available in the old MultiTrack Player including:

  • Configure and save your song arrangement (verses, chorus, repeats and loops) in advance or on the fly
  • Transition between songs with pad sounds, even when songs are in different keys
  • Build, name and save multiple play lists
  • Audio interface with up to 8 channels
  • Import and edit songs from other providers (or your own songs) with a new easy-to-use import and edit tool – this is a much simpler process than in our old player

Plus all the features of the previous MultiTrack Player:

  • 14 instrument stems INCLUDING vocals and background vocals
  • Fully mixable instrument volume mixes
  • Mix, mute and solo instrument stems
  • Loop, jump and repeat song sections
  • Change key and tempo
  • Move around song sections hands-free using a midi or bluetooth foot controller
  • Click tracks and spoken word vocal cue

The Player and the songs are yours to keep forever, not to rent, at a great value price.

Find out more and buy the Player here.


Your questions answered

I need more information about the iPad player before I buy

There’s lots more detail about the Player here.

We have created helpful how-to videos to teach you how to use the new MultiTrack Player. There is also detailed written information for those who prefer to read instructions. You can find these in the How To section on the Worship Backing Band Blog (scroll down to see all the articles), the FAQ pages and also on YouTube. The info is the same on each platform – just choose where you would most like to watch and read!

Most users will spend about half an hour watching these videos and putting their learning into practice before being ready to use the Player live. It really is that simple!

I have already purchased the old PC/Mac Player or the iPad player.
Do I need to pay again to buy the PC/Mac Transition Player?

As our old Player and the Transition Player are created by different developers we are unable to provide a free upgrade from the old Mac/PC to the new Transition Player. 

You will, however, get Transition versions for all your existing WBB MultiTracks free-of-charge, EIGHT free MultiTracks with the Player PLUS our free Track of the Month.

We’ve tried to make the Transition Player as intuitive and simple-to-use as possible but if you need some extra help we’ve an extensive FAQ section on our website as well as email technical support.

How do people use MultiTracks?

MultiTracks are really designed for churches with missing or less confident musicians or those who want a fuller sound. 

They are also brilliant as a practice tool. You can hear your own part to learn it then mute it out to play along with the track in your own practice time.