What new DVDs are we planning to release this year?

What new DVDs are we planning to release this year?

We’ve had a few emails recently from customers who have seen that we’ve recently upgraded our Beginners and Intermediate Guitar DVDs and concerned that we are about to do the same with Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keys etc.

I can confirm that we have no plans this year to replace any other of the Worship Course DVD sets.

We do have some new “Song Learner” style DVDs in the pipeline. We will be changing the titles of these to “The Worship Collection” but they will still focus on teaching different techniques in the context of learning a song. The Worship Keyboard Collection is due out in a couple of months and Guitar some time after that. We may also look to doing some Worship Bass Collection too but nothing is yet firmed up.

What would you like to see us release?

Over the years we have thought about releasing a Band Skills DVD set and also something on PA/Sound. Would these be topics you would be interested in? One concern we have is that these tend to be things people would expect their church to buy rather than they as individuals. In the current economic climate do you have budget available? We need to be really careful that investing the considerable amount of time and resource into producing these resources is worthwhile.

Do let us know what you think in the comment box below.