Worship Backing Band survey results

Worship Backing Band survey results


We carried out a survey of Worship Backing Band customers recently and thought you might be interested to read the findings and some of the testimonials about the software and how people are using the tracks in practice.

Which backing track products are being used?

76% of the respondents use our MultiTrack backing tracks with the remainder using the split tracks and DVDs. You can see a comparison table here if you are confused about which is which.

About 50% of respondents use our MultiTrack Pro Wav Player with a wide variety of other “DAWs” in use – Ableton Live and Garageband being the most popular of these.

In what contexts is Worship Backing Band being used?

68% of respondents use our backing tracks/the MultiTrack Player in live worship services and additionally 38% in personal and worship team practice times.

A quarter of respondents use the MultiTrack Player/Tracks in worship services every week, 13% most weeks and 23% some weeks. A further 13% use it for special services and 27% only occasionally, for instance when they have missing musicians. There were some interesting quotes about the way it is used:

“I use it all the time. It is my band. With my drummer, Worship Backing Band and me on keyboard we are a team”

“I use it when I have people missing and need an instrument to play”

“When I can’t get a full band together”

“I have recommended it to small churches”

“I use it every time it is our rotation to lead in worship music”

Future developments for Worship Backing Band

We asked which device people would prefer to use MultiTracks on. 42% said PCs, 21% said Mac, 27% said iPad and 9% said Android tablet. We do hope to have a version of the Player for multiple devices, including iPad and Android, in the near future.

There were a number of suggestions made in regard to incorporating lyrics and/or chords to the Player. We are looking at this option for a future upgrade. 24% said that they would use lyric projection features but most are happy with their current system (which tens to be Easy Worship, Powerpoint, MediaShout and Pro Presenter).

Are you using the vocals stems?

60% of users utilise the vocals stems in our backing tracks. For Worship Backing Band, this is very important as it marks us out from all the competitor backing track producers who do not feature either lead or backing vocals in their stems. We have always felt that vocals are important, both to provide a lead for the band, but also for the many churches that don’t have able singers. Here’s what was said:

“I leave in the backing tracks as harmonies, since our backing singers tend to double the melody”

“We don’t have a band, thus we use the backing tracks as our band. No vocals would make it very difficult for our congregation to follow the words”

“We use the vocals stems mostly during practice to assist in learning the song but off during performance”

One user can’t include the vocals because they use the tracks in Thai. So glad that are tracks are being used in this context.

What size church is typically using Worship Backing Band?

We asked the size of churches using the MultiTracks and it is clear that the Player and tracks are used in a wide variety of settings with a fairly even spread of churches of 20 through to over 100 people. Here are some additional comments:

“Worship Backing Band tracks allow me to have more worship elements throughout church programming without taxing a large worship team”

“We are a small rural church, with predominantly an older congregation, however the backing tracks help us to modernise our worship and experience God in new ways”

“We plan to use for small meetings but church is 350”

“We have used it for congregations from 50-150”

“I don’t use it in services, just for developing parts”

Are the chord charts being used?

25% of respondents use our Worship Backing Band chord charts (there was some discussion and helpful feedback about our previous “Super” Chord Charts and the new “EveryKey” Chord Charts”) with other users preferring CCLI’s Song Select which their church has already bought an annual license for as well as one or two other providers.

Didn’t see the survey and want to comment?

The survey is still open and you can add your thoughts there.