Are you missing musicians in worship? Here’s the solution

Are you missing musicians in worship? Here’s the solution

MultiTrack V1.5 launched. Now with key and tempo change

We are delighted to announce the launch of Worship Backing Band MultiTrack version 1.5. The new version features a lot of the functionality you have been asking for. Now you can change to any key and independently change the tempo too. There are also more levels of volume boost and cut for each instrument stem. There is now zero song load time and an even simpler download process.

About Worship Backing Band MultiTrack

Easy to use software player and downloadable Multitrack songs

Each song has 14 individually mixable instrument stems

Designed for use in live worship for churches with missing musicians.


  • Mute any combination of instruments in the mix
  • Mac and PC versions
  • 14 intrument stems per song including lead and background vocals
  • New! – key and tempo change function
  • Two independent mixes, one for band and one for congregation
  • Click track, shaker click, intro click and spoken word vocal cue
  • Output via computer’s headphone socket – no other hardware or software needed
  • 120 individually downloadable songs

What’s new in version 1.5?

  • Key change! – change to ANY key
  • Tempo change – faster or slower
  • Instant song loading with no caching
  • More boost and cut levels in each stem volume
  • Simplified download process

Simplest, best value multitrack solution on the market

Worship Backing Band MultiTrack is the simplest and best value solution for churches that want to play modern worship songs but don’t have a full band.It’s an extremely simple-to-use Mac & PC downloadble software player with our custom backing tracks that let you choose any combination of instruments to appear in the mix and even change the key and tempo to suit your needs. You can watch the demo video here.

Free MultiTracks!

Once you have bought the full version of the player you will get our FREE MultiTrack of the month. That’s 12 free tracks in a year.

Award winning

And in case you’d missed it, Worship Backing Band MultiTrack was given a “Pick of the Best” Editor’s Choice award by Worship Leader Magazine. And that was before the upgrade!

Buy now

Click through to the webstore, add the MultiTrack player to your basket, then select some songs (there are bulk buy discounts). It’s then a really simple install process.