DIY Worship Team Workshops (and Band Skills course): Half Price Offer

Getting the band back again only to find you are all a bit out of practice?

Kick-start your post lockdown band skills with our half price DIY Worship Team Workshops.

Churches across the world are gearing up to return to face-to-face services which means that in many cases musicians are playing together again for the first time in over a year.

Some musicians are rusty after a year without rehearsals, others are lacking in confidence and, let’s be honest, most would benefit from some professional input to their musicianship.

We’re on hand to help with a half price sale offer on our DIY Worship Team Workshops.

Worship Team Workshops are video-based training courses that your worship team can work through together in a single session in the space you’d normally rehearse; whether that’s at church, in a practice room or even at home. They include:

  • Downloadable video-based training lessons
  • Printable delegate notes for all participants
  • Printable facilitator notes for group leaders
  • Worship song backing tracks
  • Chord charts

Each workshop is designed for novice and seasoned musicians alike with learning that applies to both contemporary and orchestral instruments. Each workshop takes 2 hours but can also be worked through in three smaller parts (60/30/30 mins) if your team has less time in a single sitting.

The workshops unpack invaluable skills through a series of training videos to watch together alongside guided group discussions, practical exercises and plenty of space to play together to try out the learning.

Worship Team Workshops are designed for you to run “DIY” Style with your worship team. We provide all the materials, videos, discussion points and handouts. You get your worship team together and work through the training. You DON’T need to be a great musician or teacher in order to run a great workshop.

Three workshops. An invaluable set of new skills for your worship team

  • Understanding Groove
    • What is groove and why it’s important
    • Rhythmic mistakes that worship teams typically make
    • How to find a consistent groove within any song
    • How to find your instrument’s individual role within the groove
    • How to create rhythmic and textural balance in the overall sound
  • Dynamics
    • Setting up your stage to develop listening and communication skills
    • Understanding different types of musical communication
    • Developing musical communication skills with and without instrument
    • Communication in rehearsals; tips and ideas
  • Listening and Communication Skills
    • Developing and using range
    • Creating space in music
    • Understanding different types of dynamics
    • Using dynamics and tips for playing dynamically
    • Building tension and release

Tackle the workshops in any order that suits you.

For further information and to download

Go to the Musicademy webstore. For a limited time save 50% when you buy all three workshops (discount applied at checkout)

Our Band Skills course is also Half Price

Band Skills is a step-by-step DVD or downloadable course teaching the practical band skills that turn you into a seasoned musician and invaluable worship team player.

This comprehensive 5-hour course, available on 3 DVDs, as downloads and also via our subscription service features the following topics:

Stage placement

  • Who stands where and why – exploring sight lines, instrument and amp placements
  • Hearing everyone and ending volume wars

Timing, tempo and tuning

  • Developing your internal sense of time
  • Choosing song tempos and changing a wrong tempo
  • Typical tempo issues and playing with time
  • Tuning tips and issues for every instrument

Understanding and building groove

  • Finding your instrument’s rhythmic role
  • Building right rhythms in different song types
  • Creating musical space
  • Identifying where rhythms go wrong

Working with incomplete ensembles

  • Filling up the sonic spectrum
  • Covering for missing instruments
  • Working with too many of the same instrument

Playing dynamically

  • Types of dynamics
  • Using volumes and subdivisions
  • Range, colour and texture
  • Tension and release

Communication and listening skills

  • Forms of planned and spontaneous communication
  • Developing listening skills
  • Learn to lead and follow musically

Going beyond the mechanics of music

  • Conveying meaning and emotion
  • Matching lyrics and theme with the music
  • Using sounds and chord substitutions to create different emotions


  • On screen graphics for enhanced learning
  • Demos, play alongs and downloadable practice materials
  • 30 exercises for your worship team to use

All worked out step-by-step, using worship songs and hymns. And for a limited time the course is half price.

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