Musicademy launches its new Beginning Worship Guitar DVDs

Beginning Worship Guitar

What if one guitar program could take you from beginner to competent musician with a years’ worth of lessons, tests and backing tracks?

Musicademy’s new Beginning Worship Guitar Course is suitable for complete beginners and uses contemporary worship songs.

The course is available now on DVD, downloads and via our subscription website too.

10 hours of instruction on 4 DVDs with onscreen graphics and camera close-ups. The equivalent of a year’s worth of lessons to turn you from beginner to competent player.

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By following this 10 hour 4-DVD course you will learn:

  • 35 essential acoustic guitar chords
  • 15 essential strumming patterns
  • Power chords, slash chords & easy ‘cheat’ chords
  • Finger picking patterns – Play in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time
  • Play in any key using a capo
  • Play any song in 3 capo positions
  • Understanding chord charts
  • Transpose complex keys into guitar-friendly keys
  • Tuning, pick and strumming technique
  • Damping strings, learn the notes on the neck

And learn 10 worship songs:

  • A New Hallelujah – Michael W Smith
  • Praise is Rising (Hosanna) – Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown
  • Our God – Matt Redman
  • Your Grace is Enough – Matt Mayer
  • Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  • How He Loves – David Crowder
  • My Soul Sings – Delirious?
  • Open Eyes of My Heart – Paul Baloche
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
  • Indescribable – Chris Tomlin, Laura Story

The program includes 10 hours of lessons, practice tracks and tests on 4 DVDs.

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But I’ve already got the original Beginners Guitar DVD!

Here is a detailed description of the difference between the old and new Beginners Guitar Courses.