Substitute guitar chords in A

Substitute guitar chords in A

Substitute Chords – part 5

Before we check out some chord subs in typically awkward keys like B lets look at the last of the open keys. A is very similar to E and in some situations you can readily swap the shapes between these two keys. You will also have seen most of the shapes come up in other keys too so there shouldn’t be too much learning here. The important thing is to get all these shapes into muscle memory so you can instantly swap around chords with the minimum of finger movement.

Also try the second E5 where you just barre your index finger across strings 5 4 and 3 (A D G) and place your ring or little finger on the D string fret 4. Don’t worry if you can’t make the high E and B strings ring out. Just focus on the low end for a tighter, darker sound.

Please note that in some cases we’ve taken liberties with the chord naming in order to keep this really simple and consistent with the chord naming on the DVD course. 

As in the last posts these shapes are taken from lessons within our Acoustic Intermediate Worship Guitar Course. Do check these DVDs out as we’ve tried to throw in as many ideas and techniques to help you expand your knowledge as a competent acoustic player. The lesson on A and E substitutes is also available as a download.


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