Ask the Expert: Best recording mic (in a noisy room)

We had a slightly strange “Ask the Expert” email from Mike Barco which our friends at SFL Group have done their best to answer.

“I’m trying to capture the best recording on a quite creaky floor noise coming through the wall… Which microphone is best for this?”


Now we’re not too sure if Mike is trying to record the noise coming through the wall or avoid it. If it’s for sound effects he’d be better off finding something pre-recorded in a foley studio. If he’s trying to avoid the creaky floor and the wall noise t record something else then obviously it is best to either use a different venue or do some sound proofing.

As for the mic choice, any decent large diaphragm condenser mic would do for recording, but he’s going to struggle with background noise in a live scenario (particularly through the wall).


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