Visual worship case study – carols by candlelight

By Guest Blogger | December 6, 2010

We first published this post last Christmas, but its helpful for a number of churches planning their festive services so here it is again. The carol service at St Silas is always a big event and has had a variety of implications for visuals in past years. I thought it would be worth making a […]

Advent purple ribbon reflection

By Guest Blogger | December 1, 2010

Here is a simple reflection on the meaning of advent, using purple ribbon devised by Chloe Axford for EngageWorship. Reflection: Advent, from the Latin adventus, meaning arrival or coming, is a chance for us to slow down and take time to prepare for Jesus’ birth at Christmas. It is an opportunity for us to reflect […]

Advent candle liturgy

By Sam Hargreaves | November 24, 2010

Advent liturgy This was written to be used as a responsive prayer during the lighting of advent candles.  The leader says the bits in normal text and the congregation responds with the text in bold.  It can add some depth to the ritual of lighting the candles, whilst being simple enough for all ages to understand. […]

Creative idea for an Easter service

By Guest Blogger | February 24, 2010

I loved this idea from EngageWorship of a contemporary take on stations of the cross for Easter. This is an idea that we used last year on the run up to Easter, inspired by a gift given to my daughter, of a (dare I say ‘charm’) bracelet depicting elements of the 23 Psalm. We decided to […]

Free worship backgrounds

By [email protected] | January 13, 2010

  We had lots of requests for more of the worship backgrounds that Richard Lyall produced at Christmas.  Here are a few more, this time without words so that you can drop them into Powerpoint (or other software) yourself and add your own words. Click to download the free Worship Backgrounds zip file. If you […]

Creating fractal images for visual worship

By Guest Blogger | December 16, 2009

Here is an explanation for creating “fractal images” like the Christmas ones we published yesterday. Richard created the Christmas fractals using a freeware fractal generating program called Apophysis.  To read more about fractals, visit here. Apophysis generates random images using fractal mathematics. But the maths is completely hidden behind a friendly interface, so don’t be put […]

Developing creative worship – just how interactive are we?

By Sam Hargreaves | October 29, 2009

All around us media providers are scrambling to make their products interactive.  You don’t just watch the News – you email your opinions and photos.  You don’t just listen to the radio – you text what you are up to, and what you thought of that song.  You don’t just view TV talent shows – […]