Leading Worship From Keys

By [email protected] | October 2, 2008

Florence Benton from Alaska emailed to ask for advice on leading worship from keyboards for the first time. It’s a big jump to go from playing keys as part of a band to leading (and singing) as well. Not only are you leading the congregation in their worship, but you will be needing to lead […]

Hendrix-Style Double Stops

By [email protected] |

This month we’re going to look at probably my favourite playing style, which is called double stops. Double stops means playing two notes at the same time and was employed to great effect by a certain Mr James Hendrix. Hendrix is known by non musicians for his wailing solos but this style used on gentler […]

How to maintain a flow of worship

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Chief Allan Hewey from Maine emailed us asking for advice on keeping the worship momentum going. He was particularly looking for some practical tips to keep the congregations’ focus heavenward. This is a really interesting question and in unpacking it we need to consider how different churches approach this – it can be a very […]