Light Weight Les Paul?

By [email protected] | October 2, 2008

I’ve been trying to find a decent Les Paul for ages. I’ve owned 3, two 70’s Deluxes with the Mini humbuckers and a 1990 Standard, but really being a Fender guy I’ve always found them way to heavy. So what did I find the other day? A brand new custom shop chambered Gibson Les Paul. […]

Electric Guitar Styles – the U2 Sound

By [email protected] |

  The U2 sound has always been popular in churches since the Edge’s style leans more towards rhythmic ‘pad’ sounds than a typical lead guitar rock riff. A U2 style sound is great for songs with big dynamic changes and great for filling up space behind very clear melodies in a way that is not […]

Hendrix-Style Double Stops

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This month we’re going to look at probably my favourite playing style, which is called double stops. Double stops means playing two notes at the same time and was employed to great effect by a certain Mr James Hendrix. Hendrix is known by non musicians for his wailing solos but this style used on gentler […]