New Advanced Vocals Work-Out CD Launched

By Marie@Musicademy | May 6, 2009

  We’ve created a brand new vocals work-out CD to really test and stretch your singing ability. Whilst the tracks contain some elements of breathing and warm-ups, the content is really designed to push your singing to another level. The exercises should take you well beyond your existing range as well as help you develop […]

Worship Backing Band – Musicians Practice Tracks – New DVD Launched

By Marie@Musicademy | April 15, 2009

Would you like to practice playing worship songs with a pro band? 54 practice backing tracks on DVD with animated on-screen lyrics and chord charts. Select any song without either vocals, drums (click included), electric guitars, bass or keys and play along! Worshipfully produced by world class Christian musicians like Ben Cantelon, Paul Evans, Marc […]

Have you used our Vocals DVDs in a group setting?

By Marie@Musicademy | March 28, 2009

We’ve had a request from a church in Wales who want to use our worship vocals DVDs on a week by week basis going through a lesson before their worship group practice. They were wondering if anyone else has done this and has any advice? Now I know that a few US churches have been […]

Supporting the Voice – clip from Musicademy seminar

By Marie@Musicademy | March 11, 2009

This clip, from a seminar by Musicademy’s Nicki Rogers, explains how to support the voice so that you avoid damage to your throat and also give more power and control to your singing. Nicki gives a couple of practical examples to help you learn to recognise what vocal support feels like in the abdominal muscles. […]

Ask the Expert – Singing Whilst Playing

By Tim Martin | March 6, 2009

Lindsay Hiratzka sent us this question: I am the bassist and I play mostly by ear.  As a result, my approach to playing bass is similar to my approach to singing, hearing in my mind what I want to play, then playing it.  I also love to sing, but I can’t seem to marry the […]

Breathing for singers – video clip from Musicademy seminar

By Marie@Musicademy | February 27, 2009

Nicki Rogers presents a live seminar demonstrating how to breath properly when singing. Learn about breathing in and expanding your stomach and sssssss exercises for control and diaphragm development. There are also some simple warm up exercises as well as a description of forward placement technique. Breathing technique is also covered extensively on the Musicademy Worship […]

Vocal warm-up exercises explained

By Cat Mayne | February 12, 2009

Think if you will of a game of tennis. If you don’t warm up before the game, initially you might not notice anything wrong. However as you start to stretch for shots, move faster, volley harder, you begin to realise that there are muscles working beyond their comfort zone. By this time, it’s too late. […]

Free online singing lesson – creating harmony

By Marie@Musicademy | January 19, 2009

Here is a sample lesson taken from the Musicademy Worship Vocals DVDs. It teaches basic harmony construction outworked in the Delirious song What a Friend I’ve Found. Playing keys is Ben Cantelon, worship leader at Soul Survivor and co writer with Tim Hughes of the song Happy Day. Kate Silber who presents the vocals DVDs […]