What new DVDs are we planning to release this year?

By Marie@Musicademy | January 12, 2013

We’ve had a few emails recently from customers who have seen that we’ve recently upgraded our Beginners and Intermediate Guitar DVDs and concerned that we are about to do the same with Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keys etc. I can confirm that we have no plans this year to replace any other of the Worship Course […]

New year resolutions for singers

By Guest Blogger | December 31, 2012

New Year is a good time to make new goals & look back on what has been achieved over the previous months. A constant goal I keep renewing myself is to do more regular vocal practice. The VOICE, which is after all a muscle, cannot be expected to get any stronger without ‘working it out’. […]

Caring for your voice during the winter months

By Guest Blogger | December 10, 2012

With the cold weather upon us, the voice can take a real bashing so it’s important to look at how we can best look after it in the winter months. Going from one temperature into another – i.e from a warm room inside to the freezing cold outdoors, can really affect your singing voice – […]

Christmas gift ideas from Musicademy

By Marie@Musicademy | December 5, 2012

Whether you are looking for low cost stocking fillers or something rather special for your significant other Musicademy has a great range of music-related gift ideas: Stocking Fillers Musicademy Vocals Warm-up and Work-out CDs Vocals Workouts for Guys and Girls Hand drumming (djembe, bongo, congas) and percussion Drums Work-Out CD Bass and Guitar Song Learner […]

Musicians Practice Tracks DVD now HALF PRICE

By admin | November 19, 2012

Half price offer on 54 practice tracks Our Musicians Practice Tracks DVD is now HALF PRICE. What you get are 54 worship songs on one DVD with on-screen chords and words. Perfect for guitarists, keyboard players, bass, drums and even vocalists.   Click through to read why it’s got 5-star reviews by other customers. (Click […]