Introduction to worship keyboard – Part 2

By Tim Martin |

Understanding contemporary rhythms Once you can use different chords and inversions properly it’s time to tackle the Achilles heel of most keyboard players—rhythm. While guitarists naturally add rhythm to a piece of music it’s much harder work for a keyboardist. It’s often easy to play very ‘straight’ rhythms (like crotchets on each beat of the […]

Introduction to Worship Keyboard Playing – Part 1

By Tim Martin |

This is the start of a new mini series for people that have played keyboard using the traditional music score but want to move into more contemporary chords-based playing. In this first part we will look at which chords can be expected to show up in a given key (this information will be useful for […]

Leading Worship From Keys

By [email protected] |

Florence Benton from Alaska emailed to ask for advice on leading worship from keyboards for the first time. It’s a big jump to go from playing keys as part of a band to leading (and singing) as well. Not only are you leading the congregation in their worship, but you will be needing to lead […]