Ask the expert – synthesizer recommendations

By Tim Martin | September 25, 2010

Troy Friesen, Pastor of Worship at Faith Bible Church in Nebraska asks: “I’m looking for some advice on synthesizer purchases. We are primarily piano and band driven in our worship leading so our synthesizer serves as a secondary keyboard (after piano).  I use it mostly for string sounds, synth pad sounds and organ sounds (pipe, […]

Ask the Expert – Rock keyboard

By Tim Martin | September 3, 2010

How to play rock keyboard styles Shapwung Valui emailed asking: “Please send me tips about keyboards techniques and styles for playing in a rock band” As you will probably know, Musicademy is primarily focussed on worship music but obviously many of the techniques and styles that we use in worship music do in fact stem […]

Playing by ear (part 1)

By [email protected] | July 14, 2010

How to play by ear For many people, the thought of playing ‘by ear’ or being able to anticipate the chords, notes and musical charges in a song you’ve never heard before seems an impossible task. It’s often considered a ‘God given’ gift rather than a skill that can be learned and constantly improved on. […]

Introduction to Worship Keyboards – Understanding Contemporary Rhythms

By Tim Martin | May 28, 2010

Understanding contemporary rhythms Last time we looked at keyboard chords and their voicings. In this post we consider contemporary rhythms. Its a timely post and partly in response to an Ask the Expert question we had recently about mastering syncopated rhythms. Once you can use different chords and inversions properly it’s time to tackle the Achilles heel […]

Free Worship Resources Index – Posts on Keyboards

By [email protected] | April 29, 2010

As well as the wealth of free resources below, we also have a range of keyboard DVDs including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Don’t forget our online keyboard Song Learner lessons too. Free lessons & video clips Free Worship Keyboard Lesson: You Alone Can Rescue Free Worship Keyboard Lesson: Playing hymns on keyboard- How Great Thou Art […]