Keyboard Chord of the Month – A7#5

By Tim Martin | July 7, 2009

  Tim Martin, presented of our Worship Keyboard DVDs, will be bringing us a new interesting keyboard chord each month. We start with A7#5. A7#5 – sometimes known as an augmented chord. Basically the 5th is a semitone higher than in a normal 7th chord. This can sometimes be used in place of a dominant […]

Ask the Expert – Improvisation skills for piano

By [email protected] | May 11, 2009

Mark Ecclestone from Canada asks: “Can you please recommend any websites/teaching resources on learning how to develop musical improvisation and arranging skills (like on how to play a piece of music for piano building around playing arpeggios with passing notes) that are easy to understand for piano playing?  A lot of the material out there […]

Worship Backing Band – Musicians Practice Tracks – New DVD Launched

By [email protected] | April 15, 2009

Would you like to practice playing worship songs with a pro band? 54 practice backing tracks on DVD with animated on-screen lyrics and chord charts. Select any song without either vocals, drums (click included), electric guitars, bass or keys and play along! Worshipfully produced by world class Christian musicians like Ben Cantelon, Paul Evans, Marc […]

10 tips for worship keyboard players

By [email protected] | February 19, 2009

Set up where you can always see the face of your worship or band leader. Signals and communication will be much more intuitive Don’t just stick to piano sounds. Pads, Rhodes, Whirly, Hammond, strings. Variety is the spice girls of music. You are playing in the same sonic spectrum as the lead guitarist so try […]

Free Video Lesson – 10 things to do with chords on a keyboard

By Tim Martin | January 27, 2009

Here is a free clip from our Intermediate Worship Keyboard DVDs. Tim Martin gives 10 ideas to make chords-based playing more interesting. There are six hours of great instruction like this on the full 3-DVD course. Volume 1 starts with some simple lessons explaining how to move from traditional to chords-based playing; it then shows […]

Recommended Keyboards to use in Church

By Tim Martin | January 6, 2009

We have been asked for recommendations on keyboards to use in church. Here are some suggestions by Tim Martin, presenter of our worship keyboard DVDs: The question of which keyboard to buy for church use is a common one. Many people are baffled by the choice available or simply don’t know where to start. The […]