Keyboard effects in worship – soft pads and string sounds

By Tim Martin | March 27, 2010

It’s quite common to end up using only a few sounds, particularly the traditional piano sound, in a worship setting, and this may not necessarily be a bad thing, however it’s important for all musicians to know the role they are playing in the band and this information should always inform the way that we […]

New Advanced Keyboards DVDs launched today

By [email protected] | March 9, 2010

As a keyboard player do you ever feel frustrated that you don’t really venture beyond standard piano and pad sounds on your instrument? Our new Advanced Keyboard DVDs will guide you step-by-step to unlocking more creative potential in your playing. Taking 10 popular worship songs, Tim Martin unpacks all the keyboard parts from a professional […]

6 tips for worship keys players

By [email protected] | November 10, 2009

  Rule of 1 A one piece band plays all the music. In a five piece band each member should play a 5th of the music. A temptation for keyboardists, particularly if you have come from a classical background is to overplay and step across other peoples parts. Play just with right hand If you struggle with […]

Worship Keyboard Chord of the Month – E7#9

By Tim Martin | September 23, 2009

  E7#9 – Use in place of a dominant 7th. It’s effectively got both the major and minor 3rds so it goes crunch! Hendrix fans will recognise the sound of this. Click through for the guitar version of Hendrix’s E7#9 Other posts you might like: Keyboard Chord – A7#5 Guitar Chords of the Month – […]