Free Worship Resources Index – Posts on Orchestral Instruments

We have a triple DVD box set of instruction for people that play orchestral instruments including strings, brass, woodwind etc. The idea of the DVDs is to take your existing skills and know-how and show you how to improvise and play by ear in a worship setting.

Here are all our articles to date on orchestral/single melody instruments:

Free lessons, Video clips & Advice

Free Lesson for Orchestral Instruments: Playing sensitively in worship

Video clip – ideas for using orchestral instruments in worship

Practical ideas for improvisation – video clip from live seminar

Using orchestral instruments in your worship team

Ask the Expert: Anointing vs Training / Orchestral instruments in worship

Free practise Backing Track: Everlasting God

Playing by ear part 1

Playing by ear part 2 – Nashville Numbering explained

I’m a little bit rock and roll – Nick Langley on Nashville Numbering (part 1)

I’m a little bit rock and roll – Nick Langley on Nashville Numbering (part 2)

The Musician’s “Cut Out & Keep” Guide to Transposing

The Musicademy Cut Out and Keep Guide to Chords in a Key

What chord comes next in a song?

Musicademy Orchestral Instrument Improvisation DVDs

Learn how to improvise using orchestral instruments in worship

Improvisation  DVD review from Worship Leader Magazine

Musicians practice track DVD launched

Orchestral instruments DVD on half price sale