Is your guitar too loud?

By [email protected] | July 17, 2012

If your guitar is too loud for worship what can you do to turn it down and maintain great tone? I recently had a conversation with a pastor about stage volume levels in his church and more specifically about the electric guitar player being too loud on stage (I wasn’t the guitarist in question btw!) […]

Transposing on guitar

By [email protected] | June 9, 2012

Imagine this scenario. You are an acoustic guitarist working with a worship leading keyboard player and are asked to play songs in non guitar friendly keys but you are only presented with a chord chart in the keyboard based keys like Bb and Eb and F. I work with a lot of players who encounter […]

Ask the Expert – How do you learn to sing and play lead guitar at the same time?

By [email protected] | April 24, 2012

Greg Glidden asked a question in our recent live Ask the Expert session: “How do you suggest getting better at singing while playing lead electric? My brain has trouble harmonizing while attempting to be creative on the guitar. Singing while simply playing chords is one thing; improvising two ways at once is quite another.” Nick […]

More “super” chord charts for worship

By [email protected] | April 16, 2012

We’ve had some great feedback on our new “Super Chord Charts” so we’ve added another 11 to the range. These are: Beautiful One Blessed Be Your Name Extravagant Worship (currently our free MultiTrack of the Month) From the Inside Out Giver of Life Happy Day Hosanna How Great Is Our God In Christ Alone Indescribable […]

Worship Leader review of Playing By Ear DVDs

By [email protected] | March 15, 2012

Delighted that Worship Leader have described this as “An excellent training tool for anyone in your worship team”. We definitely agree with them but it’s nice to have an objective third party come to the same conclusion! You can see a full video trailer for the Playing By Ear DVDs on our webstore as well […]