Free Worship Resources Index – Posts on Vocals

Here is a comprehensive list of all the vocals resources, help and advice on the blog. Go to the store for vocals DVDs, harmony DVDs, backing tracks, warm-up CDs and throat sprays.

Free Lessons & Video Clips

Contemporary vs traditional singing techniques

Coaching classical singers to sing in a contemporary style

Adding vocal colour – lesson from Musicademy Vocals Course

Supporting the voice – clip from Musicademy seminar

Breathing for singers – video clip from Musicademy seminar

Creating harmony – clip from Musicademy Vocals Course

Vocal health- Video tips

Vocals warm-up exercises – Simple humming

Free video lesson – listening skills for worship bands

Free video clip and chord chart – May the Peace of the Lord Christ (from the vocals Course)

Free Lesson: Learn to sing the harmony part to Beautiful One

Worship Vocals Master Class

Free vocals seminar video clip – Improve your singing tone, range and power

Vocal skills seminar for singers- breathing, posture and warm-ups

The evidence that vocal training really gives results – get ready for goosebumps

Singing Know-How

Why you really, really need singing lessons

Bad habits of vocalists: Breathing

Bad habits of vocalists: Posture

Ask the Expert: How to start singing in the right key?

Good microphone technique can make all the difference

Making the most of your voice

Vocal warm-up exercises explained

Changes to the voice as we age

How to become a confident singer

Download over an hour of vocal warm-up exercises

Choosing keys for women worship leaders and small congregations

Vocal range – practical guidance for churches (part 1)

Vocal range – practical guidance for churches (part 2)

50 tips – lead vocals

Tips – backing vocals

Ask the Expert: Is it OK to change keys to make my voice sound better?

Ask the expert: Advice for sufferers of postnasal drip

Ask the Expert: How to expand a singers vocal range

Ask the Expert: Singers that run out of puff

Ask the Expert: Why use vocal sprays? What are the implications for asthma sufferers?

Ask the Expert: Mic recommendations for a choir

Ask the Expert: Mic recommendations for groups of singers

Ask the Expert: Does drinking water negate the effect of vocal sprays?

Ask the Expert: How do you learn to sing and play guitar at the same time?

Ask the Expert: How to set up good vocals, mic guitar amps and get good acoustic guitar tone?

Ask the Expert: recommended headset mic for budding junior singer

I keep failing worship auditions. How can I improve my singing?

Do you ever feel that musicians are taken advantage of?

Read the lyrics first

4 tips for making good use of your mic

How to expand a singer’s vocal range
Sourcing and serving worship vocalists

Tips and guidelines for using vocals health products

Backing Vocals

‘I’m a singer…’ – The diplomatic art of using voices in worship teams (harmony focus in this article)

Learn to sing the harmony part to Beautiful One – video lesson

The art of backing vocals

50 tips- backing vocals

Ask the Expert: How do I get my backing vocalists away from the sheet music?

Ask the Expert: How do I get my singers away from needing sheet music? part 2

Learn to sing harmonies in worship

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts – Backing Vocalists

Vocal range – Engaging your community

Vocals Miscellaneous

LST Voice- Innovative new choral project

Graham Kendrick’s guide to Psalm surfing

Graham Kendrick on Spontaneous Worship – Part 2 Praises from the belly of a whale

Carol of the bells- one woman, four parts

Harmonizing with the sermon

10 tips for maximising your practise time

Singing chords (yes chords!) with your voice

About Musicademy Vocals Products

Two new vocals CDs and downloads. One for Guys and one for Girls.

Independent review of Vocaleze throat spray – does it really work?

Learn to sing harmonies in worship

New Advanced Vocals Work-Out CD Launched

Have you used our Vocals DVDs in a group setting?

DVD reviews in worship leader magazine

Ask the Expert: Throat sprays

Best of the best award for Musicademy’s Vocals Harmony DVDs

Musicademy launches new website for singers

Sting caught on camera with Thayers Dry Mouth Spray

Thayers Dry Mouth Lozenges

New presentation tin for Thayers Slippery Elm lozenges

Worship Vocals course now available as online downloads